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Trick Eye Museum 3D Museum Seoul is there anything interesting?

Trick Eye Museum 3D Museum Seoul is there anything interesting?

If you have the opportunity to visit the Korean capital Seoul, do not miss the chance to visit the Trick Eye 3D Museum. Because this is a tricking visual museum that is loved by many people, especially children. At this museum, you will be free to check in, take pictures and have many memorable experiences.

Trick Eye Museum 3D Museum Seoul - famous trick museum museum in Korea

Trick Eye Museum Address: No. 20, 3-gil, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Different from conventional museums, Trick Eye 3D Museum in Seoul is built and designed completely differently. Because if the normal museum is the place to keep and record the artifacts and events of historical nature, at Trick Eye 3D Museum is the place where many artifacts and images are displayed. change the look of the viewer. In other words, it deceives the viewer's vision with completely new and vivid images and things. Therefore, anyone who comes to this Seoul tourist destination to visit will feel excited and surprised.

Trick Eye Museum 3D Museum Seoul is there anything interesting?Photo: @dewintashafar
Trick Eye 3D Museum is actually a museum that uses art tricks in the form of 3D stereos. From there it will make images and things become dreamlike and visitors can completely take pictures or get inside the artifacts to check in without worrying about damaging them.
This is the difference of the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul  compared to the traditional museums that often have signs that prohibit taking and touching artifacts. Also for this reason, the Seoul Trick Eye 3D museum becomes even more attractive to visitors. Many people who come here feel extremely excited because they are participating in many new experiences that only here have. 
Compared to the famous Trick Eye Museum Singapore , the Trick Eye 3D Museum in Seoul is also unique and attractive. It is one of the Korean tourist destinations that contribute to the attraction for a more and more developed Soeul tourism.

What is the Trick Eye 3D Museum interesting?

Just come and go and you will find how interesting this place is? Because the Trick Eye 3D museum in Seoul is divided into many different areas with many distinct themes. Therefore, when visiting, you will feel extremely excited and excited to explore many different places in the museum. Which is the theme area of ​​a fairytale garden, a love zone, an adventure or a wild theme area ... Each zone has very unique and attractive themes. 
In particular, the combination of spaces together has helped  Trick Eye 3D Museum to have more highlights and depth. The walls, floors and ceilings are designed in harmony with each other. Therefore, it has helped to create many unique works of art capable of deceiving the eyes of the viewer. In addition, this place is also the place that gave birth to many beautiful and impressive works of art.
When visiting this beautiful destination in Seoul , visitors not only can admire the paintings of famous artists in the world but also see many works made by Trick Eye 3D itself. Most recently, the museum has launched an exhibition dedicated to works with a Chinese theme and an area for paintings by the famous great painter Van Gogh. Therefore, there will be a lot of special things waiting for you ahead when you come here to explore.
All the works on display in this museum are very creative and very artistic. In particular, the pictures here are transformed into vivid three-dimensional images. The reason for doing so is due to the unique design when using optical illusions to create depth and illusion for the viewer.
Trick Eye 3D Museum is one of the world's first 3D original museums. When using light, 2D pictures will become more vivid and attractive than ever. Especially in addition to seeing, you can also touch these pictures with your own hands. Therefore, if you plan to visit Trick Eye 3D Seoul Museum , do not forget to prepare a genuine camera so you can take many beautiful and spectacular pictures to make memories!
The special thing that this Trick Eye 3D museum brings is that even though it is just a very simple everyday character, you can completely transform into many different images when incarnating into pictures with all kinds of things. different postures, designs. From dancing to riding a camel in the desert or transforming into a spiderman with a strong figure will be recreated at this Trick Eye museum.
Therefore, if you can arrange time, invite your whole family to come here to visit. Surely this will be an interesting excursion for your whole family. Because the space here will help your family trip become more fun and meaningful. In addition, there are also a number of paintings built in a humorous and fun style. Therefore, when visiting this Korean museum area, you will be checked in many different styles. 
In addition to the above displays, at the Trick Eye 3D Museum , there is also a very special place that if you ignore it, you will feel extremely regretful. That is the Ice Museum area. This is where the inside temperature is extremely low, it's always around -4 degrees Celsius, so if you want to visit this museum, you need to prepare clothes and personal items to It is warm enough and makes the excursion most convenient. At the Ice Museum, everything is made of ice. From television, slide to house, carriage. All of these works are beautifully designed and displayed, so when looking at you, you will feel excited and somewhat strange.

Some notes when visiting Trick Eye 3D Museum you should know

If visiting Trick Eye 3D Museum is part of your plan when traveling to Korea, you do not need to worry about coming here to explore. Because the museum is open all day of the year and opens from 9am to 9pm. Therefore, you can arrange to go here at any time you want just within the opening hours of the museum.
To get to the museum, visitors can choose to take the subway. You can get off on Seoul Subway Line 2. Then walk to the museum because it's not too far from the subway station to the museum. Just ask or follow the directions.

Trick Eye Museum 3D Museum Seoul is there anything interesting?Photo: @rumeysacivcik
Hope the information shared above will help you have one more suggestion to go when traveling to Seoul. Trick Eye 3D Museum will be an ideal place to help you reduce stress and fatigue in everyday life. Therefore, you should arrange and come here to visit with your friends and relatives. Surely this will be an ideal trip that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to travel to Korea.

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