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Sokcho Gangwon City Travel Guide, Korea

Sokcho Gangwon City Travel Guide, Korea

One of Korea's most famous coastal cities - Sokcho Gangwon is a place to offer visitors a great travel trip with lots of new and exciting experiences. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the land of Kimchi, please take the time to come here once to tell. Certainly, with what Sokcho brings you will feel that the decision to come here is really a right decision.

Brief about Sokcho Gangwon city

Sokcho city in Gangwon province, Korea. It is not too far from the center of Seoul. Therefore, moving and traveling will be very convenient and do not spend too much time for tourists coming here to visit and travel.

Sokcho is a city with a very wide area of ​​about 105km and a population of nearly 100 thousand, so this place is growing day by day. In particular, in recent years, this city has become a beautiful tourist destination in Korea that  is loved by many people. It especially attracts visitors during hot summer time. Because this beautiful coastal city will bring you the most memorable sightseeing trip in your life.

Sokcho Gangwon City Travel Guide, Korea Photo: @purplee_bb
In particular, you will discover a lot of new and attractive things when coming to the coastal city of Sokcho Gangwon in the summer. This will be the ideal place to escape from the heat for you and your family when you come to rest, relax and relax.

Which season is the best season for Sokcho Korea?

If asked when to visit Sokcho Gangwon city when is the most ideal time, then surely the answer will be summer? At this time, the climate in Sokcho is very cool and pleasant. Although it is summer, the weather here is not too hot, so coming to Sokcho Gangwon will not be too hard and take a lot of effort. In return you will feel a full summer when traveling here. In the period from June to the end of September, the beaches at Sokcho Gangwon are very beautiful and attractive. Therefore, traveling to Sokcho Korea on this occasion is considered the most ideal time that you should choose if you want to explore this beautiful coastal city.

Guide to the most convenient and easy way to move to Sokcho Gangwon

In order to get to Sokcho Gangwon city, tourists will have to fly to the airport in Seoul. Then travel by bus to Sokcho. From Seoul to Sokcho, there will be a lot of buses for you to choose because every 30 minutes will pass by a bus. Average travel time to Sokcho Gangwon is about 4-5 hours by bus.
When coming to Sokcho, visitors can choose the bus as a means to visit and explore. Because this public transport is safe, convenient and very cost-effective. In addition, if you travel on sightseeing routes when reaching tourist destinations in Sokcho Gangwon , you can call a taxi to go.

Where to stay while traveling Sokcho Gangwon overnight?

When you come to Sokcho city in Gangwon, there are many places to choose from. Because this place is a famous tourist city, there are many hotels and motels for visitors to choose according to their needs and preferences. Some of the hotels, comfortable and luxurious guesthouses that you can refer to and choose from such as Lotte Resort Sokcho, Ramada Sokcho Hotel or Hotel Two-Y and EL Hotel ... These are all high-end hotels with facilities. Beautiful design, full facilities so it is very suitable for you to choose as your resting place.

What to eat in Sokcho Gangwon?

Coming to the sweet coastal city of Sokcho , visitors will enjoy an extremely delicious and unique barbecue. This barbecue is far from the usual barbecue because it is marinated with an extremely rare herb in the Taebeak -san mountains . Therefore, the taste of this dish will make visitors remember forever. 
In addition, as a coastal city, Sokcho has a very fresh and rich source of seafood. Therefore, the seafood dishes here, such as squid salad, grilled shrimp, .. are all worth a try delicious dishes that you should enjoy the trip tourism Sokcho this time around.

Drop off at the famous Sokcho tourist sites

When traveling to Sokcho city in Gangwon province, you will have many entertainment and entertainment venues to choose from. Including some places such as Sokcho beach, Seoraksan park, Sinheungsa temple, Seorak Waterpia water park ... These are all very attractive destinations for tourists.

Sokcho Beach Tourism

Sokcho is a famous coastal city that receives a lot of love from domestic and foreign tourists. It has a beautiful beach with wild and romantic natural scenery, so anyone coming here will feel interested. Everyone will feel the beach here is so beautiful. The green coast, white sand and long yellow sunshine have made this place even more romantic and romantic. In particular, the image of straight lines stretching along the green coast has contributed to the beauty of  the city of Sokcho Gangwon . 
Coming here at a hot time, visitors will feel why this place is so attractive? Because on these days, swimming in Sokcho will be the best thing that you can reward yourself after hard and tiring working and studying days. The feeling of being soaked in clear blue sea water, cool and relaxing spirit is so refreshing and enjoyable. Just that much is enough to make visitors unable to leave  Sokcho city in this  dreamy, attractive Gangwon .

Unleash fun exploring at Seoraksan Park

Seoraksan Park is one of the famous Sokcho destinations that visitors should not miss when visiting the beautiful Korean province of Gangwon . This park is very large and when you come here to visit, visitors will admire and discover many interesting things. 
The beautiful scenery at Seoraksan will make anyone admiring when watching. Because the natural scenery here is very majestic and attractive. It also has a rich flora and fauna that has been recognized by Unesco as a biosphere reserve of the world .

Visit Sinheungsa Temple

Sinheungsa Temple is not only a famous spiritual temple in Gangwon Province, but also a famous sightseeing spot that makes Gangwon tourism  more and more popular. This destination has a very unique and unique construction architecture. Especially the image of the Buddha statue Tingil Deabulsang which is exquisitely designed from gold leaf has made this temple even more attractive to international visitors. This statue weighs 108 tons and is placed in the most solemn position of the temple. To be able to visit this temple, visitors will have to travel by cable car to get up because the Sinheungsa Temple is located at the top of Seorak mountain. 

Have fun at Seorak Waterpia water park

Certainly visiting the city of Sokcho cannot miss the chance to have fun exploring in such a fascinating place as Seorak Waterpia  Because this is an extremely attractive water amusement park that if you do not visit, you will feel extremely regretful. There are many interesting experiences for you to participate in such as 4D slide experience and many other attractive entertaining games. Therefore, this destination will promise to bring you a lot of surprises and interesting things.

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