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Discover the uniqueness of the Korean marine park COEX Korea

Discover the uniqueness of the Korean marine park COEX Korea

Oceanographic Park COEX Korea is one of the famous tourist destinations of the land of Kimchi. Especially those who have seen the movie I Hear Your Voice will be no stranger to the extremely romantic and attractive scenes set in this beautiful park. Therefore, COEX is always a destination with great attraction for visitors today.
Let's follow luhanhvietnam to discover what is unique and interesting about COEX Korea Oceanographic Park Certainly, with many surprises waiting ahead, this place will really be an interesting destination for you when you have a chance to visit the charming, dreamy land of Kimchi.

Brief introduction about marine park COEX Korea

COEX is an oceanographic park located in the COEX commercial center of the Gangnam Seoul building. This is considered a building for the rich rich in Korea, so when you come here you will feel overwhelmed by its lavish, attractive beauty. Especially, this destination will bring you many interesting and unexpected things. You will be free to shop or watch movies and participate in attractive entertainment games here. Surely this will be an ideal Korean tourist destination that you should not miss when you want to take your family out on weekends.

Unique features of the Korean marine park COEX KoreaPhoto: @yalllllllllim
COEX park opened in May 2000. Since opening, this place has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations for couples and families to visit. Here will help visitors admire and discover a lot about the cool blue ocean world.

Attractive features of the COEX aquarium park 

When you arrive at COEX Oceanographic Seoul Park , you will feel extremely excited. Because this place is home to thousands of different marine species with 650 species and is divided into separate themes for visitors to visit and explore.
Inside the COEX park is divided into 90 breeding tanks and 183 display tanks. In particular, this is the place with the highest number of sharks in Korea. Therefore, when you come here to visit, you will be able to see a lot of different shark species.  
This Korean park is also ranked by Guninnes when it has the longest queue of visitors ever, with a length of 850m. That shows that the attraction of this Korean tourist destination is not small. 
Visitors when visiting are lost in a maze with many shimmering blue lights. Parallel to that is the large water tanks are always in a very beautiful bubbling state. Next going inside, you will see a lot of native fish species that only in Korea. 
The journey to visit COEX Korea oceanographic park is followed by a visit to the freshwater ecosystem with lots of swamps, rivers, lakes, and fields. The next area when going deep inside is the Amazon forest. This is considered a mysterious exploration place of the tropical forest with a lot of lush trees around and there is also a majestic waterfall falling below. All are reproduced in the most concrete and vivid way. Therefore, this beautiful tourist destination in Seoul  always brings many interesting and mysterious things for visitors to explore.

Unique features of the Korean marine park COEX KoreaPhoto: @ song.3el
Going further inside is the experimental area to play with the fish. This experiment will give you the opportunity to directly touch beautiful marine microorganisms such as sea urchins, starfish or participate in the pawning screen of funny fish. 
The more you go, the more you will feel excited. Because this COEX park is really a great place for you to explore the mysteries and wonders about the vast ocean. 
Step through the main gate area, visitors will admire the art room of COEX Seoul Ocean Park . This room is beautifully decorated by eye-catching blue lighting systems. Surrounded by water columns of transparent color sparkling sparkling. All have contributed to the attraction and mystery of this beautiful oceanographic park.
In Korea, there are many exhibitors of fish from popular to rare, but only at COEX can the freshwater fish species display fully and systematically. Many visitors when visiting this place are in awe of praise for the first time they can observe freshwater fishes from tiny fish to giant giant freshwater fish. Therefore, coming here, you will be able to open your eyes and discover there are many unique fish species that you have never known before. 
The next interesting thing that you will definitely feel extremely excited to see is the unique and fancy design space of this Korean COEX Korean marine park . The aquariums here are specially designed. Which are the cupboard-shaped fish tanks or fish tanks on the bed and in the very interesting street lights. This is the difference of the aquariums at COEX park compared to conventional aquariums. 
This novelty not only attracts children but also adults especially love and want to  visit this COEX attraction to explore. Therefore, the number of people coming here is increasing. Especially every weekend is often crowded and you will have to wait in long lines to get inside. However, the waiting is also worthwhile because when entering inside to visit, you will discover a vast ocean space, not everywhere you can also be seen and admired. 
If you have time to travel to Korea, do not miss a beautiful tourist destination like COEX Korea Ocean Park . This will be the place to bring you a very special and interesting sightseeing trip. Therefore, if you are wondering where to visit Seoul, Korea , COEX will be a great choice for you and your family./.

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