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Check-in purple island in Korea - impressive dream paradise

Check-in purple island in Korea - impressive dream paradise

Banwol-do Island, also known as purple island in Korea, is a 'hot' check-in place that is loved by young people with a romantic purple color everywhere. 

Determine purple island coordinates in Korea

Banwol-do Island is located in Sinan-gun, a district in South Jeolla Province in South Korea. At the end of last year, Sinan district planned to turn Banwol island into a 'purple island' with flowers. Accordingly, the district has planted 40,000 lavender plants to turn the space here purple. Besides, white cedar trees, queen trees and other purple flowers and trees are being planted to add a purple theme to this picturesque island.

color-heart-o-han-quocPhoto: @ story_wood1

The island is famous for its striking purple color also known as ' Trang Crescent Island '. a famous place for honeymooners. This has contributed to adding to the charm of the island, although its uniqueness comes mostly from purple everywhere. This island has a range of photo spots worthwhile so visitors can comfortably check-in with the frames they want. 

Impressive beauty is hard to resist

Korea has always been an attractive destination, not only by K-Pop culture, vibrant music, but also by extremely beautiful tourist destinations. It's also one of the best and most Instagram-worthy places to visit in Korea. Whenever we hear about an island, it fascinates our mind. Imagine visiting an island where almost everything is purple really overwhelming as if it belonged to another world. 
An eye-catching tour to the purple island in Korea is for those who love this last color of the rainbow. Along with flowers, Banwol Island now has restaurants, cafes, houses, telephone booths, ... all covered in purple paint color. Even the sidewalk is in a purple color. People who love this color will definitely find it hard to leave this place. Be prepared to spend a full day there as there are many places to explore and photo spots spoiled for "virtual life".
There are many spots to explore but one of the most popular photography places is the purple bridge connecting the two strips of land, which will turn your blue world purple as soon as you reach it on the bus from Anjwa village. Surrounded by green sea water and hills of green trees. The bridge is the perfect place for nature lovers to immerse themselves in all the fine vibes. 
Most people in Korea here prefer to sit at this covered rest area to take pictures with the sea in the back. The sea always offers a beautiful setting and a quiet place to relax with your loved ones. There's always something new to look forward to with your travel destinations and this will definitely be a memorable experience. Do not forget to prepare purple outfits for "tone tone" and to match all the different decorations on Banwol-do Island.
In addition to all the houses or objects, the scenery is decorated with purple, you can also visit a lavender field to take a dreamy photo like a princess. For those who love hiking, you can try hiking to the 201-meter-high Mount Eoggae. On top of that, it is both fresh and cool, and the sights of all the villages around the island are named "Purple Island" of Korea.
If you have time, stay here to enjoy the beach and sunset vibes. Don't forget to walk on a purple path along the sea with a beautiful sunset. Purple homestays are available for nearly $ 40 for 1 night and renting a bike to roam around the islands costs around $ 5. This will make the purple island tour in Korea a very productive and enjoyable trip. 
As of August 2019, the work of turning everything in Banwol-do in purple begins until now. It was crowded with young people checking-in and quickly became a trend on Instagram. Currently, although the construction work has not been completed yet, but just looking at the photos makes anyone want to pick up a backpack and set foot in this place immediately. Promises to become the top favorite destination in the country of kimchi.

White-haired-eyed-out-of-the-place-Banwol-do-Photo: @_s__ze

Instructions on how to go

It takes a total of nearly 10 hours to get to Banwol-do Island if you depart from Seoul , but the beautiful views witnessed during the trip here will make you feel that it's really worth it. You can follow the instructions below:
  • Take the train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Seoul Station.
  • Take the Korea Train Express KTX to Mokpo station.
  • Take a bus to Anjwa-Myeon village.
  • Take a bus or take a taxi from Anjwa village to Banwol Island.

Tickets to visit

Ticket price to visit purple island in Korea will cost about 3 dollars for adults, about 1-2 dollars for kids and kids. However, you will be able to enter for free if you come here dressed in a purple outfit or accessory. So do not forget to dress in tones while taking beautiful photos and enter for free!
The islands in the land of kimchi always bring tourists attractive beauty and never stop being attractive. With the appearance of the island dyed purple everywhere, this will definitely be a new destination not to be missed for your journey to discover the land of kimchi. Come here to check-in and feel the dreamy scene filling this place.

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