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An introduction to Korean Jjimjilbang sauna culture

An introduction to Korean Jjimjilbang sauna culture

Korean Jjimjilbang Sauna House is one of the great experiences that you should not miss when coming to Kim Chi. It can be said that the Jjimjilbang saunas are also one of the traditional cultural beauty of Korea. Many international tourists often choose Jjimjilbang sauna in Korea to relax and relax.

An introduction to Korean Jjimjilbang saunas

Speaking of traditional Korean cultural beauty, it is impossible not to mention the  Jjimjilbang sauna . This is one of the extremely attractive destinations that many tourists love. 

An introduction to Korean Jjimjilbang sauna culture Jjimjilbang sauna is a famous cultural beauty of Korea
There are three different types of public baths in Korea. In particular, the Jjimjilbang sauna, which means bathing and sleeping, is the most popular type of public bath in Korea. This sauna service is very developed here. Therefore, when traveling to Korea , you will find there are many bathrooms operating 24/24 to serve residents and visitors to experience. 
Many people also consider Jjimjilbang is the cheapest type of motel in Korea . When you come here, you only have to spend a few thousand won to be able to sleep and have a sauna. If it is a popular bathroom, the bedroom will have a very large area. You will get more plastic pillows and a thin mattress for sleeping. If you want more privacy, you can choose the high-end Korean Jjimjilbang sauna area with the same bedrooms as hotels to rest and relax.
However, there is a little inconvenience that Jjimjilbang saunas are often located far from the center and places of entertainment, entertainment and shopping. Because in order to build these Jjimjilbang bathrooms, it is necessary to have a large area. Therefore, if you want to participate in the experience, take an entire day to participate. Surely this will be a great trip for you when traveling to Kimchi country.

What are the types of Jjimjilbang sauna?

If you have not participated in the Jjimjilbang sauna experience once, you will probably wonder what kind of services are there? Normally, Jjimjilbang sauna will be divided into 6 different types of bathrooms: 
Pebble room , also known as Jagal Jjimjilbang, is a type of bathroom in which you will be allowed to lie or sit on hot pebbles after being lined with a mat above. This bath will help you feel healthier and more comfortable. Because it helps circulate blood and reduces the symptoms of muscle aches. Not to mention it also helps to release waste products in the body effectively.
A burnt clay room , also known as Hwangto Bulgama, is a bathroom where clay is heated to 60 degrees Celsius. Then they emit infrared rays to help the body release fatigue.
The gem room is also known as Boseokbang . This is a beautifully decorated place with many precious stones. Inside the bathroom, there will be special stones that effectively care and clean the skin.
- Hannyakbang Oriental Herb Room is an inner bathroom with antique furniture and lots of oriental herbal tea bags.
- Hannyakbang ice cold room is very cold, when you enter this room, you will find your skin more shiny, wrinkles will also be blurred if you maintain regular and long-term Jjimjilbang bathing.
The Jjimjilbang Sauna in Korea are divided into 2 separate male and female areas. Inside there is a dressing room with a personal locker for guests. Areas for guests to soak, bathe or shower. These bathrooms will have common living and entertainment areas such as bedrooms, children's play areas and cafeterias, steam rooms.
Admission to Jjimjilbang sauna is very cheap. Normally, the price ranges from 6,000-12,000 won, ie 125,000 VND-250,000 VND / person. If you go to a Korean sauna in the evening, the price will be a bit higher than it is during the day.
The above ticket price includes personal belongings such as bathroom clothes, towels, lockers for personal belongings. If you want to use food services, scrubs, you will have to pay separately as this is not included in the ticket price. 
When you want to go to Jjimjilbang Korea , you will have 2 options when you want to buy tickets: buy tickets in advance at Kkday or go directly to the sauna to buy. Both forms of ticket purchase are of the same quality of service, the only difference is that buying on Kkday will be a little cheaper. 

Sauna process when going to the Jjimjilbang bathroom to experience

To help you avoid being surprised if you first come here to take a sauna, please pay attention to the following sauna procedure:
+ Check in and get the locker key
After checking in, you will be given clothes and personal items such as towels and keys. 
+ Go to the bathroom area to take a quick shower and change into the shower clothes provided
There will be a separate bathing area for men and women. Therefore, you need to cleanse your body before entering the soaking tank area. Usually there will only be shower soap in it, so bring extra shampoo and conditioner with you.

An introduction to Korean Jjimjilbang sauna culture Photo: @mayuramd
At the sauna there will be hot baths and cold baths for you to choose from. However, one thing you need to define in advance is that when entering this bathing area, from old age, young and old are all nude. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared when you have to shower with strangers. Although it may be a bit shy, going to the Jjimjilbang Korean bathhouse, this is very normal and you can be completely assured because no one will notice you.
+ Go to the common area to relax
After changing your clothes, you will enter the communal area to relax. You can choose to enter the sauna or watch TV, and relax in an area with fully furnished pillows. In addition, you can go with your friends to the dining area, chat to enjoy.
+ Enter the sauna to steam with three separate steps that will help you take care of your skin perfectly.
After participating in all the experiences at the Jjimjilbang Korean sauna , you just need to take out your items, return the keys and pay the money if there are additional costs and leave.

Some things to note when going to Jjimjilbang sauna 

When bathing in Jjimjilbang , you should pay attention to avoid splashing water and do not talk loudly in the room.
When participating in a sauna, the thin stone or clay will help warm your body. After that, you will find your body sweaty and healthier and more comfortable. However, you should not lie down for too long, which will dehydrate your body. Therefore, you should not feel comfortable and overslept
Normally, a Jjimjilbang bath at Korean saunas usually takes guests for one night. However, there are some bathrooms for guests to stay for a few days, so if you need to find out in advance
If you have diseases related to the heart, blood pressure, you should not take the steam for too long. Only about 15-20 minutes is appropriate
Hope the useful information above will help you better understand the type of Korean Jjimjilbang sauna. Wish you have a happy trip to Korea with many memorable experiences.

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