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Travel Montreux Switzerland - discover the beautiful narcissus city of Western Europe

Travel Montreux Switzerland - discover the beautiful narcissus city of Western Europe

Traveling to Montreux Switzerland, visitors will have the opportunity to see the unique charm of the beautiful small city with the famous Chillon castle, the quiet corner of the lake adorned by the beautiful daffodil or walk through a Lovely village in the mountains ...
Switzerland is not only famous all over the world for its chocolates, cuckoo watches or yodeling, but also a country with a highly developed tourism industry. Each year, this beautiful country welcomes more than ten million tourists. And most visitors come here to admire the soaring snowy mountains like the Matterhorn peak, Jungfrau peak, participate in glacier skiing and white valleys at dozens of resorts in the Alps or take a walk in 1 of the 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

Traveling to Switzerland also means that visitors are gifted with many once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as visiting the picturesque Alps, checking in in the endless green fields and getting lost. Enter a land filled with fairytale colors with a long-standing culture like the town of Zermatt or Interlaken. Despite being the country with the most expensive lifestyle in Europe, this Western European country is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, a place that makes it difficult for many visitors to forget.
Switzerland has such luxurious and expensive mountain resorts that only reserved for royals and billionaires. In addition to the Alps known as the paradise of skiing, this place also owns the beautiful lakeside cities of Léman, the beautiful Five Lakes region such as Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Vevey and especially Montreux. Especially when traveling to Montreux Switzerland , visitors will be able to set foot in a beautiful city like a fairy dream.

Guide to the tourist city of Montreux Switzerland

Montreux is a small but beautiful city, located on the romantic Léman Lake, in the middle of the Dents-du-Midi mountains. This is a land famous all over the world with many types of terrain, both clear lake, high mountains, flowers blooming under the blue sky.

Tourism Montreux Switzerland - discover the narcissus cityRomantic views of the beautiful Swiss city.

Montreux is also a French-speaking town located in the southwestern part of Switzerland with many unique landmarks such as the 850-year-old Chillon castle built in the Middle Ages, part of the shores of Lake Geneva along with Lake Léman and extremely famous. is known for its tradition of producing fine Swiss wines.
From Vietnam, you can only travel by air, through the transit point to reach Switzerland and then continue to Montreux.
If you do not choose a Swiss tour but plan to go self-sufficient, you can refer to some airlines such as Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific Airlines, ... Most of these airlines have flights from Hanoi - Zurich, Da Nang - Bern and Ho Chi Minh City - Geneva. Fares for this itinerary will range from 13 million to 80 million VND depending on the airline, flight time and tourist itinerary.
Once in Switzerland you will have many options for public transport such as bus, train, and tram. For a long time, the transport system in this European country has been famous for being the most modern with high cleanliness, high safety and precise travel time to the minute.
If you move from Zermatt town to Montreux it will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
If you choose to depart from Geneva to Montreux, you can take the train, which will take about 1 hour.

Where to travel to Montreux Switzerland?

Switzerland is a country with extremely expensive living costs. However, when traveling here, you also get a lot of support as there will be many ways to choose an overnight bedroom depending on your budget. From dormitory rooms or private rooms in inns, motels or hotels or Airbnb are ready to wait for you to choose.
However, if you plan to travel to Montreux Switzerland in the high season, you should check the room in advance and book at reputable booking sites to both choose the best room and receive many price incentives. At Montreux you can choose La Rouvenaz Hotel, Splendid, Tralala Hotel Montreux to sleep overnight.

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is the most impressive destination in the city of Montreux . The castle is located in the middle of a beautiful Léman Lake, the other is a high mountain creating a very unique scene.
For many European tourists, Chillon Castle is famous as Chenonceau Castle in the valley of the Loire River in France because it attracts more than three hundred thousand tourists from all over the world to visit each year.
Chillon Castle was built on a giant rock with an oval shape, according to the arched architecture, 110 meters high and 50 meters wide. By the end of the eighteenth century, the castle became a destination for famous European romantic writers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert or Lord Byron.
It can be said that the unique terrain of the castle is one of the most attractive, attracting artists from all over the world to visit. Different from other old castles over time and the destruction of nature or war, having to be restored so many times that it is only empty, Château de Chillon castle still retains the full interior interior from time to time. the bedroom, dining room, reading room, weapon room to even bathroom and WC.
When you visit Chillon, you will feel like you are lost in the medieval world with many old items such as a tiny bed, low dining table and not too high ceiling. The portraits hung along the walls evoke a somewhat magical ancient living scene. But perhaps the most favorite is to stand in a bedroom in the castle, by the solid stone window, look out at Léman Lake and the Dents-du-Midi Mountains, listening to the sound of the gentle waves. to the foot of old walls - will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who has visited this place.

Lake Léman

If traveling to Montreux without walking around the shores of Lake Léman, it is a great shortcoming for visitors. This embankment stretches from the city center to the Terriet area and is filled with blooming flowers every day, adding to the scenery of Chillon Castle by the lake.
Switzerland is a country of mountains and lakes with the vast majority of mountains , crystal clear lakes , Blausee , Lake Thunersee and Brienzersee, ... But Montreux is a fortunate land to occupy the beautiful mountains. the most dainty and the most famous lake. It can be said that Léman is the pride of the Swiss people although geographically, this beautiful lake is not entirely their own property, but on one side of the lake belongs to France.
However, when it comes to Lake Léman, those who love to travel think this lake belongs to Switzerland. Although Léman has a fairly large area, stretching and surrounded by famous cities such as Genève, Lausanne, Nyon ... but only in Montreux, people can see Léman clearly show its most beautiful and unique beauty.

Narcissus embankment, symbol of the city of Montreux

Referring to the  Swiss tourist destinations of Montreux , it is impossible not to mention the embankment surrounding Léman Lake, which is blossoming with flowers, the most prominent being the bright and colorful daffodils. The embankment around this immense lake is named "The embankment" because a long stretch of the lake stretches from the city center to the Territet with only flowers. This place is full of elaborately planted flowers, so at any time of the day, stopping at Leman Lake, visitors can also admire the brilliant flowers and enjoy a sweet, seductive, dreamy scent. dream. Especially narcisus (narcisus) is known to many people through a story in Greek mythology, considered a symbol of the city of Montreux. According to the Swiss travel experience of many tourists, in this world, there is rarely a place for walking that can be as romantic as this embankment.
Indeed, think of the feeling of walking through the blooming flowers on the shimmering lake surface, the high poetic Dents-du-Midi mountain range in the distance, the long grasslands, green eyes. Sometimes in the lake there were a few ships carrying the Swiss flag passing by, just as a few birds were hovering around. That dreamlike scene makes everyone look forward to the passing of time.
More specifically, the sunset on the lake is also very beautiful with purple and red afternoon, when the Dents-du-Midi mountain range is gradually changed to a new color - darkening and the water surface of Léman Lake is no longer clear like the day. to the darker side, next to it was a statue of Freddie Mercury with a proud, but somewhat raised arm, that easily evoked a sympathetic look at his glorious but tragic life.

Tourism Montreux Switzerland - discover the narcissus cityThe most impressive destination in the city of Montreux.

Montreux is a quite small city and so Léman Lake and its embankment are the soul that creates a special impression of this Swiss tourist destination in the hearts of visitors.

The Dents-du-Midi Mountains

Looking up from the dreamy embankment on Lake Léman, you can also admire another landscape: the Dents-du-Midi range. This beautiful mountain range belongs to the Chablais Alps branch of the Alps to the East. Right from the name "Dents-du-Midi" of the mountain range is also very iconic, because in French this noun means "the teeth of the South" as the shape of the mountain, a series of The seven were towering and pointed. Each tip seems to be pointing straight to the sky, looks quite "fierce" and difficult to approach.

Convention and Exhibition Center

In the tourist city ​​of Montreux, Switzerland also has the Convention and Exhibition Center building, which regularly organizes international conferences and exhibitions in the most professional style. This is one of the proud addresses of Montreux. 
Overlooking, the building is like a transparent building with mostly glass materials, located directly towards Léman Lake. Since its construction in 1974 until now, the Convention and Exhibition Center has been continuously expanded but eventually remained the same in 1993 after the inauguration of a concert hall named Igor Atravinski. Since this fine concert hall, this beautiful little city of Switzerland has gained worldwide recognition thanks to the annual Montreux Jazz International Festival held in July.

Other experiences in the beautiful city of Montreux Switzerland

When you have visited all the beautiful destinations in Montreux, do not forget to stop to enjoy delicious Swiss dishes here.
At night, a reasonable suggestion for tourists is to choose a bar in the city center, sip a glass of white wine branded Chardone with Cheese at La Cave Montreux - Vevey or chat with friends with a beer at Mayfai or Bar Majestic. Alternatively, you can have some fun at the city's famous Casino Barriere Montreux.

Enjoy delicious dishes in Montreux Switzerland

Stop  traveling to Montreux Switzerland , visitors must try some traditional dishes of this land at a small restaurant located on the mountainside with the highlight of the door like the old castle. name Restaurant Le Museum. 
The restaurant is decorated with the same style of Swiss service with traditional delicacies such as Cheese Fondue or Papet Vaudois - also known as cabbage sausage, or a specialty of the Canton de Vaud region with very many other delicacies, you will see a lot of specialties about Swiss culture . In addition, visitors can also explore foreign dishes at other restaurants such as Italy, France, China, India, Thailand ... in this city. 
Montreux not only has romantic scenery but also owns famous works and delicious food, fresh air always makes those who have come here, even once, have to sob because of the fairy scene hidden in each lake, mountain range, flower forest. Surely the experience of walking at the embankment, visiting the ancient castle of Chillon, watching the green serrated mountains reflected on the dreamy Léman Lake will be the most beautiful dreams when traveling to Switzerland !

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