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Travel Jakarta Indonesia and unleash cheap shopping

Travel Jakarta Indonesia and unleash cheap shopping

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and is the busiest city with commercial centers, food markets, ... So where does Jakarta tourism shop with good quality and good prices? 
Besides the tourist activities, discovering the wonderful beauty of the city of Jakarta, one of the most important things is shopping. However, in the midst of a shopping paradise like Jakarta, where is the place with good quality and low price? 

1. Plaza Indonesia

If you are a fan of luxury goods, the ideal shopping place in Jakarta is Plaza Indonesia. Under the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Plaza Indoensia owns hundreds of branded clothing, cosmetics and jewelry stores. The brands you can find such as: Gucci, Versace, Milano, ... In addition, when you go shopping at Plaza Indonesia, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes at extremely luxurious restaurants. here. 
Address: 28-30 Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakatar Pusat 10350.

Plaza indonesia Tourism Jakatar IndonesiaThe most ideal shopping place when traveling to Jakatar Indonesia

2. Shopping Block M

Walking tour Jakarta, Indonesia , and you "lost" between the shopping paradise of this city, the Block M shopping would be the most appropriate place. Block M is a busy shopping mall, a lot of people come to shop when owning three large shopping centers and hundreds of shops for clothes, clothes, jewelry, .. with rich prices, from popular to high. level. 
After walking a few rounds and choosing for yourself a few favorite items, you can visit Cinema 21 to enjoy an entertaining movie or have delicious meals at soft prices at restaurants around Block M. 


3. Plaza Senayan Shopping Center 

Plaza Senayan is located in the heart of Jakarta, so this is one of the most popular shopping destinations when traveling to this city. With its convenient location, you can easily move here by public transport. 
Plaza Senayan has a modern, spacious architecture and is divided into 3 distinct floors. The first floor sells a variety of products at rich prices. The fashion stores will be on the 2nd and 3rd floors for entertainment such as restaurants and amusement parks. 

4. Artha Gading Shopping Center

Artha Gading is a very popular shopping mall in Indonesia. With a unique design, inspired by the image of "Silk Road", at first glance, visitors feel excited and comfortable with this space. The central space is very large, divided into many areas: Nusantara Atrium, Paris Atrium, Italy Atrium, China Atrium, the largest area Millenium Atrium, ... There are a variety of items sold here such as: clothes, cosmetics, electronice device,...
A special attraction of Artha Gading is the famous models of the world, including: the Roman arena in the Italian Atrium; Palaces at Mahal in India Atrium, ... You will have the coolest shopping hours ever.

5. Shopping market

Besides the large and majestic centers, Jakarta has many markets for Jakartar tourists to freely shop. The famous markets can be mentioned as Pasar Rawa Belong flower market, Jalan Surabaya antique market, Pasar Seni arts and crafts market or Pasar Baru fashion market ... with affordable price and good quality. 
Unlike shopping at a big mall with a list price, the nice thing about shopping is that you get the most out of your bargaining ability to get the most reasonable price for both parties.

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