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Top 5 extremely hot check-in points in Indonesia

The phrase "Tourism Indonesia" does not seem too strange, even extremely "hot" for those who love travel. Referring to Indonesia, we have a beautiful Bali island, a beautiful Sumatra island like a picture of nature, the world of rare flora and fauna - Komodo. In addition, Indonesia has countless attractive destinations no less than Bali. 

Broken Beach - Nusa Penida Island

Bali is known as a tropical paradise with the most luxurious and expensive beaches and resort services. One of Bali's most beautiful islands is Nusa Penida . Different from the modern, high-class beauty of Bali, Nusa Penida has a wild, wild natural beauty with many beautiful landscapes bestowed on it. Temporarily away from the crowds of Bali "royal", you will really relax and peaceful in Nusa Penida, unleashed on exploring the natural life and indigenous people extremely unique and rich. 

Broken Beach on Nusa Penida Island is an extremely hot check-in point in Indonisa because of its unique, unique beauty, attracting many tourists because of cheap travel costs. 
The name plate "Broken" means "broken", because there are many 50-200m high cliffs divided by many giant lakes, or underground caves. Broken sea water is so clear you can see green sea turtles, rays or many other marine life. Not only experiencing interesting marine activities such as diving to explore the ecosystem, relaxing on the clear sea water, but also taking 7749 beautiful check-in pictures because you just need to raise the device. Immediately a picture like my best. 

Kanto Lampo waterfall 

"Discovered" in 2015, located 12 km east of Ubud on the island of Bali, Kanto Lampo waterfall  has quickly been famous for its natural beauty.
What makes Kanto Lampo different from other waterfalls in Bali? There will be no relevant answer if you do not stop by and feel that inexpressible feeling. Kanto Lampo is like a waterfall created by nature according to a separate architecture. The water rushing over the white cliffs clears the corner of the sky, giving you beautiful check-in pictures in Indonesia.  

Uluwatu Temple 

Uluwatu Temple, Indonesia  is known as one of the oldest and most important temples in Bali, Indonesia. Temple of the body Acintya, is a supreme Hindu deity in Indonesia, this is a sacred spiritual place to express the mind of the people of this country. 
Located on a cliff, about 70m above sea level, standing from the temple will see a vast ocean. Each wave of white rushes in, sitting in a prime location, it's not too difficult for you to have a nice photo angle to take check-in photos. 

However, this is a sacred destination, so you should pay attention to costumes, mandatory bandages and scarves. In addition, every day at 18h-19h, there will be a program to enjoy the Kecak dance of the indigenous people. 

Candi Borobudur Temple

Located about 42 km from the center of Java Island, Indonesia, Candi Borobudur Temple was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1991. Candi Borobudur is a Buddhist wonder with the largest sophistication and scale in the world. 
General architecture of the temple is divided into 3 parts from low to high, representing the three realms of Ta-Ba: Sexual Realm - Sacrifice - Formless world (from low to high). Above five square floors are three circular floors with hollow chedi, inside the stupa is a Buddha statue. 
After Islam was introduced to Indonesia in the late 13th century, this is the only surviving temple, so this place attracts a lot of tourists to visit by the beauty of ancient Buddhist architecture. Surrounded by wild natural beauty, ancient sculptural beauties are always the center point of the check-in photo here. 

Flores Island

Besides Bali's paradise, Flores Island is also very famous as one of the most famous tourist islands in Indonesia. Named in Portuguese, "Flores" means "flowers". Perhaps that is why Flores Island brings with it the wonderful natural scenery, gentle, fragile like a flower. 
Flores is famous for its large volcano with a unique three-color lake, curvy coastline and vibrant coral reefs. Featuring beautiful clear blue waters, Flores is a popular destination for visitors to relax, swim and explore the rich world of flora and fauna under the ocean. 

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