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Swedish cosmetic brands should buy while traveling

Swedish cosmetic brands should buy while traveling

Swedish cosmetic brands are known for being creative and trendy, using pure ingredients and focusing on embellishing your own natural beauty rather than painting a whole new face. brand new. Brands range from affordable to extremely expensive, but what they all have in common is a desire to help women look their best. Here are ten Swedish makeup brands you should know - and try.

Outstanding Swedish cosmetic brands



80s seem to be the decade when many brands makeup Sweden take-off and the story does not make any difference for Isadora, brand cosmetics Sweden is the market affordable, emphasizing the 100% mineral quality products.  
The target audience for this cosmetic brand is young consumers who use cosmetics for the first time, but that doesn't mean it's just for children. The elegant packaging, odorless products, and many unique options make it a favorite across all groups of brands in its segment.


Idun Minerals 

This Swedish cosmetic brand , founded in 2011 on International Women's Day, is a cosmetic line based on premium pure minerals.  
This cosmetic line develops products in consultation with dermatologists and Swedish researchers, meaning their products are intended for facial, eye, lip and nail edema. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin. And especially, this line of cosmetics is available for sale in Swedish pharmacies.


Maria Åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg started out as a whole line of skincare products on 'organic matter', meaning that the products work from deep within the epidermis of the skin. 
The brand has expanded into makeup cosmetics, an extension of the same philosophy: with these products, you can play with a wonderful palette, not only making you more beautiful, but also protecting your skin. from your daily stress. The line uses botanical and mineral ingredients, and is perfect for those who want to use the best on their skin.


Face Stockholm

Back in the early 80s, Gun Nowak was known to be the owner of the three hippest, trendiest fashion stores in Sweden, and while she started creating a line of makeup, the disappointment of her She cannot figure out how the makeup matches her colorful fashion. 
In 1982, she opened her first FACE Stockholm store and immediately achieved great success. FACE Stockholm today has evolved with the times and has a huge global following. When you come to explore the city of Stockholm , you absolutely can go to the mall to buy this cosmetic set.


Make Up Store

CEO Mika Liias opened the First Cosmetics Store in Sweden in 1996 and today, it is one of the fastest growing Swedish cosmetic brands not only in Sweden and Scandinavia but worldwide, itself boasts 235 stores in 22 countries.  
Known for its product lines that contain premium ingredients and stay on top of trends, Make Up Store has won a loyal following. The brand's fashion fans want quality, but don't want it to seem like they're trying too hard.


Maréna Beauté

Swedish makeup expert Diarry Maréna, native of Senegal, developed Maréna Beauté to meet the needs of consumers who specialize in dark clothing and address the lack of quality products in this market segment. 
The collections are created to suit women's complexions and in this way Maréna has created an extremely successful brand that meets all your needs.



This wide range of cosmetic and skin care brands is rooted in the organic philosophy and all products are eco-certified. The Apolatics set of high standards for itself is clear both in terms of content quality and stylish packaging.  
This line of Swedish cosmetic brands includes makeup products for eyes, skin, lips and nails. Available at Apoteks Sweden, this is one of the hidden gems worth looking for.



You won't find many lines of Oriflame cosmetics in any one store. This brand supplies its products through sales consultants around the globe.  
It was founded 50 years ago with the desire not only to lose brick and mortar shops, but also empower women by giving them the opportunity to make their own money. Oriflame continues to conquer new markets and although it has a huge sales force, you can now buy products online as well.


Pixi by Petra

Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand created Pixi more than a decade ago, launching her flagship store not in Stockholm but Soho in London. 
With great products claiming to induce a "good night's sleep", Pixi has a substantial amount. The cosmetics are infused with this plant and brand, which also focuses on the natural beauty of women.

& Other Stories 

Better known as the sister of H&M, at & Other Stories, the focus is on fashion, but now this line of cosmetics is gaining attention and growing fans. . 

Mammal-brand-name-from-the-to-the-season-8& Other Stories 

This is due not only to affordability, but also because the consumer feels satisfied with all of the brand's products, very trendy and affordable. They offer a full range of lipstick, eyebrow, eye and nail products, and the product line is updated regularly.

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