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River Rhine waterfall - a masterpiece of Swiss nature

The Rhine River waterfall is not only a miracle gift that nature has bestowed on Switzerland, but it is also known as one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world voted by CNN.

How to travel to the Rhine River waterfall

To get to the Rhine Falls , visitors can choose to move from the tourist city ​​of Zurich  or from Germany to Konstanz.

If you choose to start from Zurich, the journey will be the road through to Winterthur and then to the Rhine Falls. This stretch of road is about 45km long and takes less than 1 hour, so it is very easy to go back during the day. You can go by train, car is very convenient and easy. But if you choose to go or return from Zurich airport, it is even closer because the distance is shortened to only 35km.

The total time for Swiss tourists to visit the waterfall and roam the riverside, castles and towns only takes about 3-5 hours. But if you intend to take a longer break to fully admire the waterfall through different moments of the day, wait for the sunset, catch the dawn and have time to walk through the poetic roads, you can stay at home. Stay right at the fortress next to the waterfall or any wonderful hotels, riverside motel ...

Rhine River waterfall - the largest waterfall in Europe

Switzerland is a European country with a modest area but extremely famous for its beautiful natural landscapes. It is a land of breathtaking natural scenery, from high mountains, snow-covered all year round like the most beautiful mountain in the world Matterhorn to the roof of Europe - Jungfrau Peak or intoxicating blue lakes many tourists. And the Rhine River waterfall is also a place that has an important place in Switzerland's most outstanding natural wonders.
The Rhine Falls is located in the Upper Rhine Region - located on the border area between Schaffhausen and Zurich. With a width of 152 meters and a height of 22 meters, this is not only the largest waterfall in Switzerland but also the largest waterfall in Europe. According to geological studies, this famous waterfall was formed from the last ice age, that is, about 14 to 17,000 years ago.
Winter in Switzerland not only makes the scenery of many places a fairytale on earth, but also contributes to the majestic landscape of the Rhine waterfall. Because at this time the average water flow is 250m3, while in summer the average water flow is up to 600m3. Normally, the highest currents ever measured are 1,250m3 / sec.
The water that flows most strongly at the Rhine River falls is in the May to July season. the famous Blausee jade. It can be said that the breathtaking image of the water flowing from the majestic waterfall with the rushing flow down the narrow valley, splashing water bubbles create unbelievably majestic scenery.
Cruise on the Rhine brings in a glimpse of the magnificent beauty of the Rhine as well as the poetic landscapes on both sides of the river that attract many visitors each year.
If visiting this popular Swiss tourist destination in the summer, the best way to walk is by taking a cruise along the Rhine. In addition, driving, cycling or walking around the area are also the best experiences in the beautiful European country that anyone should try at least once.
Because the  Swiss Rhine waterfall is not only a famous tourist attraction of Switzerland, attracting millions of visitors to visit by its majestic and wild beauty, it also possesses natural and human landscapes. Create another stunning. That is Laufen castle located next to the famous waterfall with a unique architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. The surrounding area also has a restaurant and hotel with super love view to serve tourists. Even more convenient was that just below the castle there was a rail line with the station directly connected to the castle via footpath.

One day excursion in the Rhine river waterfall

Switzerland is not only famous for its expensive watches, because of the highest standard of living in the world or the fresh air, but also always in the top of the world's most livable countries with dozens of picturesque destinations. painting. From the profound and arrogant capital of Bern, Lucerne is seductive to the Zermatt town like stepping out from a fairy tale or the Interlaken region of Switzerland - a town in the middle of the blue lakes is enchanting. Especially, there are places that possess picturesque natural landscapes adorned with countless ancient colored architectural works. Just a few kilometers through the border checkpoint to reach the city of Schaffhausen is one of those lands that appears before your eyes: the Rhine waterfall .
The city of Schaffhausen Switzerland is located right next to the Rhine River. However, this section of the river is limited to boat traffic because there are many rocks and rapids. Going along the river to the East, Swiss tourists will encounter two large lakes connected with one of them is Lake Bodensee - formed by streams falling from the mountains. This lake is also considered to be the origin of the Rhine. From here, going west, you will reach the beautiful city of Basel.
Schaffhausen is originally a small city with a population of only 33,500 (2005) but is the capital of a canton of the same name in Switzerland. If you go by car here, do not miss the chance to admire the architectural buildings built in the Renaissance style with the typical decorative façade of this period.
Every day tens of thousands of people come to Schaffhausen, but not only because they want to visit the old city but also for sightseeing and river excursions right next to the Rhine Falls (also known as Rhine Falls). This is the section where the Rhine River is blocked by a series of reefs and the stream of water eagerly wants to cross the rocky slope falls down and becomes a rumbling waterfall with white foam. This is also the section where the river is blocked by the rocky shore, so the flow changes to the south. North of the waterfall is an old red brick bridge across the river that also attracts many visitors.
Normally, visitors will spend about 2 hours staying at the Rhine waterfalls to admire the falls and have lunch. About 500 meters south of the waterfall, there is a fast food restaurant. Visitors here, after sightseeing and walking around the waterfall can cross a bridge to go down to the restaurant to enjoy delicious dishes, typical of Swiss cuisine and also see the spectacle of each group. the fish is swimming despite the fast flowing water.
What is more interesting than eating delicious food while watching the panoramic waterfall continuously pouring white water very majestic. Especially in the middle of the waterfall, there is a small island protruding high, on the top of the rock with the flag of Switzerland with a red white cross. If you look closely, you can also see that just under the water close to the island there is a small boat parked there to take visitors to the island to play.
Another special thing is that the restaurant near the waterfall not only serves typical Swiss dishes, fast food such as hamburgers and hot dogs but also functions as a ticket counter for yachts to the island and tickets. Admission to many other fascinating tours at the Rhine waterfalls such as visiting the beautiful old castle, Laufen. 
After admiring the scenery and discovering the beauty of the Rhine falls, it is also time to gradually let go. At this time, you should cross the bridge back to the shore and follow the roads up the mountain to roam while enjoying the fresh air and immerse yourself in the beautiful and airy space here. In addition to the park with flowers and flowers that are extremely well cared for, there are also the presence of ice cream shops, soft drinks, waffle or hot dog sandwiches, ... quite attractive for your taste buds. Remember not to try to buy it.

About the Rhine

The Rhine or the Rhein River, also known as the Ranh River (transliterated Rai-ne) is considered the lifeline of Europe. The river originates from the majestic Alps and passes through many countries such as Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland ... so that when approaching the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, it flows into the North Sea.
The Rhein River is also one of the largest rivers in the world with an impressive length of about 1,320 km and a basin area of ​​224,000 km2. The Rhine River is very abundant in water, especially in spring when the ice melts and the water from the top of the mountain flows into the river.
When the Rhine River reaches Switzerland, flowing northwest to the Basaerl region is called the upstream area. The stretch of the river passes through a country with many high mountains and this beautiful lake has a relatively narrow riverbed, large inclination and fast currents. The river continues to flow through the lake Boton is a few kilometers further, the water started flowing way up and make up line falls Rhine grandeur with rapids and with a slope of about 25 meters wide by 110 meters, is known as the cascade the largest in Europe. At this time, the water rushing down the narrow valley, splashing each block creates a breathtaking landscape that captivates visitors.

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