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Revealing 10 reasons why you must set foot right in the tourist paradise of Bali Indonesia

Revealing 10 reasons why you must set foot right in the tourist paradise of Bali Indonesia

The Indonesian island of Bali, with its charming beauty and unique cultural values, has become a dream destination for many people. 
The Indonesian island of bali is a very famous destination in Southeast Asia when it is favored by nature for its splendid natural beauty. In a poll of the world's best tourist destination organized by the American magazine Travel and Leisure, Bali island was selected as the most attractive island.

1. Tropical climate 

Located off the Indian Ocean of Indonesia, Bali island is favored by tourists named "Tropical Paradise". Bali has a total area of ​​more than 5560 km2 to the west, located in the tropical climate, all four seasons of the year deep blue sea, white sand, lush trees, vast fields. With such favorable conditions, tourism Bali"  is a phrase that is found a lot in recent years. 

2. Beautiful beach in Bali

Bali Indonesia tourism
Bali Island owns a lot of beautiful seas

It is not natural that the island of Bali has the name "Island of God". Owning many of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia, the clear blue beaches, fun and bustling sea activities such as windsurfing, volleyball, and skydiving will give you the "extreme" and memorable experience. You will have moments of relaxation, peace on white sand, listen to the murmuring waves, sip a glass of cocktail, watch the sunset on Bali sea and fall in love with the dazzling beauty of this island. 

3. Festivals and rituals of the people of Bali

The population of the island of Bali is predominantly Hindu. Therefore, the Baili culture is bold in Hinduism, with the inheritance of ancient values ​​and its own creation. Every year, the people of Bali organize a lot of great festivals to pay homage and remembrance to the gods. The fascinating events have made many four-way tourists join the Indonesia Tour to learn about the cultural beauty here.

The major festivals can be mentioned as:

Nyepi festival - "Silent day"

Nyepi Festival is a New Year celebration of the people of Bali, taking place in July every year. Contrary to the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the countries around the world, Balinese people welcome the new year quite peacefully and simply with activities such as cleaning the village, preparing family meals. About three days before Nyepi took place, people parade, bringing dummies of the gods to live to clean. A sacrifice at 12 o'clock will take place the day before Nyepi to protect people against the spirit of the underworld. 

Galungan festival 

Galungan is the most spectacular festival of the people of Bali that takes place for 10 days. Specifically, this is a great party of all the people on the island and the gods also "bring down the earth" to participate and bless them. In the house, each resident will decorate "Master Penjor", made from bamboo pillars, decorated with young coconut, fruit, cakes.
Besides, Bali has many other interesting festivals such as "Spirit Bali Festival" which takes place many bustling cultural activities, organizes exhibitions of clothing and food. After the festival ends, the proceeds will be used to donate to charity. 

4. See firsthand the lava flows that cover the mountain

Travel to Bali Indonesia , do not miss the opportunity to set foot in the volcanic areas, admire the scenery of the lava flow covering the mountain, the smoking crater. Besides beautiful emerald green beaches and majestic natural scenery, Bali is also famous for its long erupting volcanoes that affect the surrounding areas. 
Agung and Batur are two famous volcanoes in Bali, attracting many adventurous and experienced tourists. In the peak season of Bali Indonesia tourism , the towns continuously welcome tourists to watch sunrise, sunset, and take pictures of majestic beauty. In which, Trekking is also chosen by many tourists. Normally, trekking visitors will leave early at 3am, it takes about 2 hours from the foot of the mountain to go up, the road is quite steep and the weather is relatively foggy, but this will be an interesting experience when conquering the floating volcano. language. 

5. Temple of Culture Bali Indonesia 

After a trip to experience a famous volcano in Bali, you will visit the oldest cultural temples in this place. "Land of thousands of temples" is the name given to Bali, showing the spiritual life that is very important and sacred of the people. You will have the opportunity to discover the spiritual beauty through festival activities, traditional music performances, ... 

6. Bali's great culinary culture 

Traveling to Bali or exploring the culinary paradise? 

Bali Indonesia tourism culinary
Food paradise in Bali

For gourmets, Bali will surely satisfy your taste buds with extremely attractive dishes. Babi Guiling (roasted pork with milk) is a great holiday dish of Bali people, made from roasted pork and rice. If you like to eat seafood, Bali has Sate Lilit made from shrimp, fish and seafood, marinated with a mixture of spices with coconut milk, pepper, chili, sugar ... unforgettable to eat.  

7. Luxury resort hotel services

Bali Indonesia tourism  increasingly attracts more and more tourists around the world, along with the development of resort hotel services, luxury villas, and luxury. According to  the statistics of Vietnam Travel,  Bali has deployed about 18,000 luxury villas, beautiful sea view, providing moments of relaxation and relaxation. 

8. Unique art, culture and shopping center 

During your trip to Bali Indonesia, besides swimming activities, visiting volcanoes, ... you will want to buy some souvenirs for family and friends. UBUD is Bali's main cultural arts center, including a shopping district with a wide selection of quality handmade crafts and decorations. Alternatively, you can go to the Duty free shop, which is Bali's biggest duty free shopping address. There are a variety of consumer products such as fashion, clothing, cosmetics, watches, cigarettes, ... 

9. Unique tourist spot in Bali 

Do you know Angel's Billabong's secret entrance? Angel's Billabong is a secret place of Nusa Penida, with a natural swimming pool and beautiful natural scenery. When there is a big wave in the sea, the lake turns white. 
Kelingking beach looking down from above will see the shape of a giant dinosaur lying on the white sand and facing the sea, the majestic and overwhelming sight. 
Crystal Bay is the pride and most worthwhile destination when traveling to Bali Indonesia . Not only possessing a clear beach, sand grains like white crystals, Crystal Bay is also famous for its giant ocean-spotted fish, Mola Mola. Tourists who love to experience will come here in June and October to see Mola Mola. 

10. Travel to Bali Indonesia economical

Compared to traveling to other island countries such as the Maldives, which costs a quite high amount, Bali Indonesia tourism will save a lot more. Currently, there are many airlines exploiting routes to Bali island with relatively cheap flight tickets, including: Vietnam Airlines, Jestar Pacific, Air Asia, ... Travel costs while in Bali are not too expensive. There are a variety of vehicles to choose from such as: taxi, motorbike, bicycle, ... 

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