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One thousand and one reasons to visit Sweden now!

One thousand and one reasons to visit Sweden now!

Buckle up and hold your backpack to go on the road to discover the reasons to travel to Sweden at this time!
Located in Northern Europe, Sweden is one of the most amazing resort destinations with extremely beautiful natural scenery, promising to be a memorable trip and making an unforgettable impression in life. So besides that beautiful natural scenery, what does Sweden also attract tourists to? 

Sweden - great tourist paradise!

A trip to Sweden at this time is really ideal. Coming here, you will see a completely different atmosphere from a modern Europe, from human to peaceful, gentle and extremely relaxing feeling. Perhaps because of this, this place probably attracts a large number of tourists to visit.
The Swedish fairies may not be too unfamiliar to many people, but to truly know all of this country, not everyone really knows. Then join us to find out the facts about this "European kingdom" and discover the reasons to visit Sweden  right now!

One thousand and one reasons to visit Sweden now!The atmosphere here gives people a feeling of peace, lightness and extremely relaxing.

The reasons to visit Sweden now should not be missed!

Sweden - city at sea

Referring to Sweden is referring to the capital Stockholm - which is known as a paradise on the sea surrounded by the sea and countless lakes. This is probably also one of the reasons to travel to Sweden for you. If viewed from above, Stockholm is like a splendid pearl in the middle of the sea with towering castles, or houses dating back hundreds of years. There are countless small islands along with beautiful scenery, promising to give you wonderful and ideal moments than ever.
This is also where there are many picnic and tourist destinations for visitors. You can walk around the small roads that run around the islands, or ride a leisurely bike ride under the trees, watching the magnificent Baltic Sea in the distance. 

The beautiful museums and small streets in the capital Stockholm

Stockholm is not only a beautiful seaside city but also the capital of beautiful streets. Hidden behind ancient buildings are small streets that bring a strange peaceful feature. If you come to Stockholm, you definitely do not miss the opportunity to explore these interesting little corners!
In addition, Stockholm is also the capital of museums with currently the largest number of museums in the world with about 100 museums. Coming here, you can not only admire the unique paintings or discover interesting cultural features, but you can also learn more about the history of Sweden, understand more about the people here. 
This capital is famous for museums such as: Vasa Museum, Nobel Museum, National Museum, Livrustkammaren Royal Weapon Museum, Fotografiska Photography Museum, ... attracts many visitors to explore. and enjoy! The reason to travel to Sweden is very convincing, right?

Sweden - a place of great culture!

Come here and discover the reasons to travel to Sweden , you will be very surprised by the eating habits of the Swedish people. Considered as a part of their country's culture, each person has a habit of eating pastries and drinking coffee at least twice a day, it is called the Fika culture of the Swedish people. That's why Swedes consume more than 20 million cakes a year! That is why when you come to this place, you will not be difficult to find countless cafes or bakeries like that on the street.
In addition to the unique culture of cuisine, Swedish people also have another amazing culture that is the culture of punctuality! The people here believe that punctuality in any case is a way to respect and achieve high efficiency. You will also be surprised to come here and see this, even the public transport is very punctual!
In addition, one of the reasons to travel to Sweden to explore and also a great culture is that transportation is mainly bicycles! People here mainly like to use bicycles because of its environmental friendliness as well as mobility and good health when having to do a lot of exercise! Therefore, coming here, you can try the experience of exploring the city by a beautiful car is also extremely ideal and wonderful!

Unique "watching the sun in the night"?

Sounds strange, doesn't it? You read it right, come to Sweden and "watch the sun in the night"! With a special geographical location close to the North Pole, Sweden has a long winter. At this time, people are less likely to receive sunlight and even snowfall still lasts until April of next year.
Uniquely, in summer, most of the day is still a bit chilly even though the sun shines brightly throughout the day. At the same time, the sun usually rises very early and sets at night, which is about 9-10 pm. Even in Sweden's northernmost part, the sun rises day and night continuously for 56 days in summer! It is really interesting, isn't it!

Enjoy playing in the Swedish jungle!

2/3 Sweden is a forest! Yes, with the total forest area in this country up to more than 280 thousand square kilometers. That is why this country ranks 5th among the countries with large forest areas in Europe. Because of such a large area, the flora and fauna here are also extremely diverse. Sweden is known to be home to the world's most wild deer, with more than nearly 500,000.
And the very wonderful and interesting point when you come here to explore is that you can enjoy playing in the forest without having to worry about any kind of beast attacking because thanks to the very solid barriers in the This forest!

Submarine station and fascinating artistic creations    

One of the reasons to travel to Sweden that you should explore is the subway stations! In addition to bicycles, people here love to travel by submarine. Therefore, at the platforms, this place has been decorated to become a more unique art space than ever. This will definitely be a great experience for you when visiting this beautiful country!
Sweden - a country of countless interesting and unique things. If you have a chance, please definitely come here and experience these wonderful things! Hopefully, with the reasons you should travel to Sweden that Vietnam Travel brings, you can choose for yourself one or more certain things to explore when coming here! Wishing your journey to this beautiful land full of fun!

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