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Mesmerizingly beautiful towns in Sweden

Mesmerizingly beautiful towns in Sweden

Sweden is known as one of the countries with the most beautiful scenery and space in the world. Not only does this place have nature, valleys with many interesting things, colorful cities, but also countless beautiful towns and villages that you should definitely not miss! Let's check out some beautiful Swedish towns now!

Visby town 

Visby is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations and the gateway to get to Gotland. This is also an ideal place for you to come and experience your vacation with friends and relatives. Obviously, this is a lovely small town, the climate is also very satisfying, extremely cool. With the architecture from the Middle Ages, it is easy to understand when this place is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Mesmerizingly beautiful towns in SwedenVisby is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations and the gateway to get to Gotland

Coming here, you can admire the thatched houses covered with brilliant red roses - for that reason it is known as the rose town, the beautiful paved streets, winding around. town, fortresses full of impressions extremely ancient. Especially, you can discover the uniqueness of the way to prepare coffee and enjoy coffee here - the outstanding specialty at Gotland.
The experience of riding on horseback or old carriage is a special way that you can also explore here! In addition, this place very often organizes art exhibitions, fishing villages scattered all over the island, clear lakes, large parks, ... Visby is indeed one of the towns in Switzerland. Dictionary ravishing that you had to!

Ystad town

Known as one of the busiest towns in Sweden, the town of Ystad is located on the southern coast of Sweden. Coming to Ystad, you feel lost in the fairy world with picturesque views: from the paved road, to the dark-colored houses bearing a bold mark of time, or even the beautiful views overlooking the bay. Baltic Sea - where you can experience cycling, walking on the beach every early morning or at sunset. Isn't that great?
Coming to Ystad you can also visit Grabrodraklostret Monastery - built in the 12th century, this is one of the oldest preserved monasteries in this country! Ystad town is also where the writer Henning Mankell used material to write his famous novel "Kurt Wallander".

The city of Sigtuna

Located approximately 40 miles north of Stockholm, the town of Sigtuna is known for being one of the oldest towns in Sweden! This place was established in 980 so the remaining monuments here have been for thousands of years old. Some extremely ancient and famous destinations you should visit such as St Lars Church, St Olaf's Church, Malaren lake, ...
Coming to Sigtuna - one of the most beautiful towns in Sweden with such a long history, you will feel the echoes of the past resounding on every street corner, every street here!

The port town of Molle

Molle is one of the top beautiful harbors you should visit when traveling to Sweden that you should visit! There are also many archeological sites worth exploring, such as ancient stone rings from the Stone Age, ... You can walk for hours along the extremely long beaches, observe and see. countless different birds. Perhaps that is why this place is also known as a "nature reserve"!

Kiruma town

Mentioning the town of Kiruma is referring to the beautiful lakes, surrounding majestic mountains, small and lovely houses like giant boxes of chocolates, ancient churches. If you visit here in winter, you can participate in adventure games such as skiing, mountain climbing, ... 

Vaxjo town

Vaxjo is actually quite large but the population here is quite small. It is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, lakes and mountains. This place is truly an ideal destination if you love fishing or boating. After long tiring days, isn't it wonderful to relax between the wild and majestic, quiet by the lake?
If the scene outside of town is quite peaceful and romantic, when entering the center of the town, it will be very bustling again, which is fashion shops, shops, cafes, ... on every street block. Here, you can visit many famous places such as Vaxjo church, Kronoberg castle, Teleborg castle - medieval style, Vaxjosjon lake, ... 

The town of Rattvik

When it comes to towns in Sweden , it is impossible not to mention Rattvik - a very beautiful little town located on the banks of the beautiful Lake Siljan. That is why you can come here and walk to explore the lake on the wharf with the 625 meter longest wooden bridge in Sweden. So don't forget to bring your own cameras to take great photos here!
This place was founded in 1894. The people here are extremely proud of their musical traditions and artistic spirit. Because Rattvik is the center of traditional Swedish folk music, it is also the site of the annual Musik vid Siljan festival. 

Marstrand beach town

Known as one of the towns in Sweden , the coastal town of Marstrand is a popular tourist destination every year. This place was founded in the 13th century, so it carries a long journey of history and culture of the whole of Sweden in the previous period!
Located on two islands in the northeastern Kattegat Sea, it has countless picturesque harbors, with winding streets and ancient houses, bearing the imprint of time. There are also very famous destinations such as the Carsenlten fortress, the Strandverket Art Museum - which showcases Swedish contemporary art, where the annual large-scale boat race Match Cup Sweden, … Perhaps that is why the town of Marstrand is known as the "second capital" of Sweden!

Jokkmokk town

Known as one of the famous beautiful towns in Sweden . Jokkmokk is located in Lapland in the North of Sweden. This place is a small town, surrounded by beautiful lakes. This is truly an ideal place for you to travel at the end of this year!
Coming here, you can also visit Sarek National Park which is extremely large with rich flora and fauna, participating in traditional festivals of the Sami people, enjoying unique traditional dishes. admire the meticulous handicrafts made by the skillful hands of the people here.
For the towns in Sweden that we listed above, have you visited any? If not, don't hesitate anymore, but bring your backpack and come explore right away! There are countless interesting things waiting for you to discover!

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