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Lost in the fairyland with 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland

Lost in the fairyland with 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland

The 10 most beautiful Swiss villages below are the attractive tourist attractions that everyone wants to visit once in their life because of their long history, fresh air, peaceful setting beside clear lakes, High mountain peaks and endless green fields.
Switzerland is known as the most beautiful country in the world . This country is also known to the world for its majestic natural landscape system with thousands of annual cultural festivals. When visiting 10 of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, gracefully located behind the mountains and green forests, visitors will enjoy the tranquility, peaceful life and enjoy the beautiful scenery, fresh air with Traditional Swiss delicacies.

Lost in the fairyland with 10 most beautiful villages in SwitzerlandThe beautiful villages are famous tourist destinations in the country of Switzerland.

It can be said that tourism in the beautiful Western European country and stopping in villages nestled on the high snowy mountains combined with many attractive outdoor activities is one of the impressive forms of tourism. 

1. Interlaken

Interlaken Switzerland is a land located between two eye-catching blue lakes named Thunersee and Brienzersee. Ancient legend has it that the people here dug a long canal connecting the two lakes together and the village's name also appeared from there. According to Latin, Interlaken is "Inter lacus", which translates to "town among lakes".
When visiting this beautiful village, you will be spoiled for a look at the houses with unique architecture but still retain elegant elegance. Do not forget to walk on the green meadows or stop to watch the large lakes and relax along the flow, enjoy the cool and clear air.
Currently, Interlaken is both a developed town and a famous tourist village with many resort services offering a high-end experience along with many other types of entertainment. You will be extremely pleased to experience a memorable vacation during your Swiss tour here.
In addition, Interlaken town also has many large hotels with beautiful architecture with views overlooking the vast lake surface, which is the strong point of this land. What is more pleasant than the feeling when you wake up in the morning to relax and breathe fresh air and rest fully before immersing yourself in the green lawns and forests, climbing mountains or walking around clear lakes squeeze, or enter a large park with a variety of entertainment for visitors in this beautiful village.

2. Wengen Village

Wengen is a small village in the lush green grass of Canton Bern province. The site is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland located at an altitude of 1,274 meters, right at the foot of the famous Jungfrau mountain.
According to the Swiss tourism experience of many tourists, Wengen is extremely worthy of the title of the fairy village. Wengen is voted by tourists all over the world as the place where "people live in the virtual surreal world of creation". So in 2001, UNESCO officially recognized this place as a world heritage village together with the majestic Jungfrau mountains.
Another attraction of Wengen village is the many wooden houses here. When visiting each house, visitors will be enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitable locals and presented a variety of delicious dishes from the rich Swiss cuisine, capable of conquering all even the most demanding guests.
Wengen is also known as the "walking village" because nearly all vehicles are not allowed in this place, including cars. When coming to this beautiful Swiss village, anyone feels like going back to the past and back to a time when cars and modern vehicles were not invented.
Main public transport here has only a unique serrated railway. More than 7,000 residents living in the village with tourists mainly travel by motor vehicle such as bicycles, agricultural vehicles, rickshaws or on foot. This is also the way to fully immerse yourself in nature, feel the life of birds and flowers and charming young water.
The area where Wengen is located was built with many items to serve the Lauberhorn World Cup in 1930. The complex includes a number of cozy little hotels, dating back to the Belle Epoque, and many convenient guesthouses. suspicion. Adorning the scene are nostalgic wooden houses that add to the appeal of the resort.
Over 160 years of existence, Wegen has reached the top of the most beautiful Swiss village . This place is also a world-famous destination, with a poetic scene, becoming one of the symbols of European tourism. People often see the familiar scene of the village on postcards with a fresh, peaceful and comfortable life.

3. The village of Gimmelwald

Gimmelwald is known as a European resort paradise that anyone who travels to Switzerland also wants to visit even once. Indeed, when you check in Gimmelwald, visitors will "risk" immersing themselves in the pristine white of snow, endless stretching snowy rivers with identical mountain ranges creating a majestic and impressive scene. .
This beautiful village is located in the Alps with views overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley. Gimmelwald Village is considered to be Europe's oldest village. It is also ranked in the list of the largest resorts in the Jungfrau mountain conservation area.
What makes the village unique is the snow-covered mountains surrounded by glaciers, possessing an extremely large ski area. In the midst of the vast open sky, the pace of life in the village also becomes slower and simpler, but the best thing is the peaceful, fresh air.
Gimmelwald Village has a simple but familiar beauty that makes you feel truly peaceful and relaxed. Visitors will surely be fully immersed in nature, especially when living in beautiful and warm small houses. If you are lucky, you can also visit the cold country orchards or take a leisurely walk on the trails with few people walking and see through the towering cliffs before your eyes.

4. Flims

Film Village is located in central Switzerland and has a fairly small area but has a strange attraction for world tourists. This village is surrounded by magnificent mountains and large alluvial grounds and most of all, is adorned with a clear blue lake all year round. Flims was originally a municipality in the Imboden Region of the state of Graubünden, so there is no shortage of outstanding architectural works ..
This  most beautiful village in Switzerland is also the place chosen to host the world-scale youth soccer tournament. Flims was voted as the key landscape of this Western-Central European country. Because the village is a mixture of the charming antiquity of the old village of Flims Dorf and the modern design art of the Flims Waldhaus resort located in the middle of a large pine forest with many upscale hotels.

5. Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen was voted as the paradise land on earth. Visitors here will surely be fascinated by 72 beautiful waterfalls hundreds of meters high as if pouring down from the sky. Not only that, one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland is also adorned with beautiful wooden houses nestled on the hillside, surrounded by long green grass. 
Coming here, sometimes you will even see the image of cows grazing in the fields of yellow flowers or in the middle of the green steppe, sometimes the enchanting tinkling bells ring. Especially if you come to Lauterbrunnen village in winter, visitors will admire the vast land covered by snow. At this time, the white color of snow is everywhere, extremely attractive.
The natural scenery is so splendid, but the beauty of Lauterbrunnen is also reflected in each house with typical architecture of the Swiss mountains with a completely wooden attic scattered among the surrounding roads. winding.

6. Grindelwald

It would be a mistake to ignore Grindelwald in the most beautiful villages in Switzerland . Because this is the largest resort in the top Jungfrau area Nestled at the top of the Lütschen valley below the towering Wetterhorn, Grindelwald is one of the first and oldest resorts in Switzerland in particular and Europe in general. In particular, this is also the intersection of three famous mountainous regions: Eiger, Wetterhorn and Mettenberg. 
The most popular attraction of the beautiful village of Grindelwald is the snow and glaciers. Indeed, you can hardly find other ideal ski resorts here. Especially if you are lucky, visitors can also participate in the international festival des Neiges, held annually, attracting the participation of many athletes from different countries around the world.
Coming to this place, visitors can also immerse themselves in a peaceful space, experience the feeling of living in typical small wooden houses of Western Europe scattered everywhere and especially, will visit Fruit gardens or walk on the hillsides full of wild flowers and see the majestic high cliffs, white snow.

7. Murren

Located in Bernese Oberland at 1650 meters above sea level and nestled at the foot of Schilthorn, Switzerland, the village of Murren has a geographical position separate from the bustling life outside. But this is still the highlight of Western Europe tourism because of its beautiful scenery: majestic nature and its extreme view. If you look out from the village of Murren, you will immediately see romantic Mont Blanc and other snow-capped high mountains.
The beautiful natural picture named Murren also owns pristine trails, white waterfalls, alternating with simple bungalows surrounded by colorful wild flowers. Visitors coming here will freely enjoy the peaceful space and fresh air. In your upcoming Swiss tour , don't forget to visit this place!

8. Spiez

Village Spiez is also a destination not to be missed in the list of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland . This European tourist destination was originally a town and municipality on the shores of Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss state of Bern. It is surrounded by the towering Alps and is most famous for its grape and wine specialties. So when visiting this land, you will be spoiled for enjoying the fruitful bunches of grapes, fine wines and traditional Swiss dishes.
It will be a big mistake if you come to Spiez but ignore the leisurely journey on the hills with green grass to catch your eye, cruise on a boat in the large lake Thun, if hungry you can use the fresh fish that you. Just catch and stop halfway to explore the splendid medieval castle, including Banquet Hall and Baroque.
It can be said that Spiez is one of the best destinations for your Swiss vacation not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also because of the mild climate and good quality services here make this land. perfectly suitable for any type of tourism. It should be noted that you cannot reach Murren by road, but the only way to get here is by cable car.

9. Andermatt

Andermatt village is also a Swiss tourist destination that many tourists visit because it is so famous when it appeared in the film series "Spy 007", part "Goldfinger (1964)". Movie fans are sure to forget the image on the Aston Martin DB5 supercar, James Bond chasing Goldfinger's Rolls Royce along the rugged mountain roads and finally caught Tilly Masterson in Andermatt is famous.
This beautiful village is just 80km from the Swiss city ​​of Zurich . This is also the ideal place for those who want to experience the joy of skiing or hiking in the fresh and cool mountain air. It is even more wonderful when you come to Andermatt, you can also watch or live in unique traditional houses located right in the center and enjoy the perfect tranquility of your ideal vacation after advertising. Busy study time and hard work.

10. Crans-Montana

List of 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland also named two beautiful towns Crans-Montana. This is the largest and most popular resort and ski resort in the Alps. The village of Crans-Montana is referred to as the "balcony of the Alps" because it stretches from the highlands 1,500 meters up to the Plaine-Morte glacier at an impressive 3,000 meter height.
It can be called a fairy village or a town in the clouds because it is located on a sunny and windy plateau. The scenery in Crans-Montana for the four seasons is breathtakingly beautiful. If next summer, you can welcome the cool breeze from the high mountains, feel the warm air, in autumn you will admire the scenery of the trees dyed with yellow color throughout the sky, spring to the colorful flowers blooming. and finally the snow-capped Alps in the cold winter weather.
If you stand on the sunny highlands on a summer day, you can also see far away, admire the Mont Blanc - the symbol of Switzerland. Do not visit the resort built in the middle of the fresh mountains with many hot water swimming pools and road system, 18-hole golf course.
With the incentives from nature and the investment and care of people, the village of Crans-Montana together with the towns of Zermatt , Villars, Verbier and Saas Fee deserve the University of Lausanne ranked 5 most beautiful resorts in the mountains. speak the French language of Switzerland.
Have you visited any village in the list of 10 most beautiful villages in Switzerland yet?

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