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Locate must-see tourist attractions in Sweden!

Locate must-see tourist attractions in Sweden!

As a tourist destination "singing the island" of heaven and Europe that you should definitely experience once in your life, Sweden annually attracts countless tourists from all over the world. This place not only stands out with peaceful nature but also architectural works with 1 0 2 should not miss! 

Capital Stockholm

Dubbed "the capital of Scandinavian capitals" or "City of all senses", "Green Pearl of Europe", ... the capital Stockholm is one of the tourist destinations that cannot be missed. in Sweden . Stockholm  is the largest political and economic center in Sweden and is also home to stunning views!
From the ancient and modern buildings in the city, to the magnificent towers lying close together, ... create a very beautiful scene. The red-brick streets lined with straight trees make for a more poetic view!
For a trip to Sweden and explore the capital Stockholm, you can visit destinations such as City Hall building - where the annual Nobel Prize ceremony is held, Gamla Stan's old town with narrow alleys around, architectural works from the 18th century are completely different! Or walk in the Stockholm archipelago, visit history museums like the Vasa museum, the Fotografiska photography museum, ... you will have a lot of interesting knowledge!

Locate must-see tourist attractions in Sweden!All make for a very beautiful picture of Stockholm!

Urban Gothenburg

Also one of the tourist attractions not to be missed in Sweden , urban Gothenburg is the perfect choice for you. This place is not bad, no robbery, anyone you come across is very friendly and warm.
In Gothenburg, there are countless special attractions that you can visit such as seaports, roads along the GoTa River, the fortress of Skansen Kronan, ... are the best spots of Gothenburg that you should not miss. Miss!

Ancient Kalmar Castle

One of the must-see Swedish tourist attractions is the old Kalmar castle! With a lifespan of more than 800 years, the castle up to now despite many events of history and times is still stagnant and still valid to this day!
The entrance here is a small, poetic bridge. This castle is usually open to visitors to Sweden in April to September every year and on the second weekend of the remaining months. Although not convenient for your journey, if you have the opportunity, Kalmar is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Sweden! 

Icehotel ice hotel

Icehotel Icehotel is known as one of tourist destinations not to be missed in Sweden . Indeed, this is a very unique 1 0 2 work in the world, with large, meticulously carved large ice sheets. When you come here, you will definitely feel extremely overwhelmed by this new experience from the design, to the pillar, bedroom or any other item is made of ... ice! You definitely don't want to miss this opportunity!

Ancient Citadel of Visby

Coming to famous tourist destinations in Sweden, it is impossible not to mention the ancient city of Visby. This is a place to keep countless historical vestiges with a lot of classical architectural works that you will find extremely interesting such as: ancient buildings, solid city walls carrying the imprint of time. space or cathedral in the city center, ... All create a peacefulness that is rare anywhere!
In particular, this place is also recognized by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritages, so many tourists come here. Not only to admire such a majestic space but also to enjoy the unique cuisine of this place. One early winter morning, sipping coffee with breakfast and watching the wagons pass or simply the peaceful scenery in front of you is a wonderful thing!

Drottningholm Royal Palace

Coming to Sweden do not forget to visit the Royal Palace Drottningholm. This is one of the tourist destinations not to be missed in Sweden , with its massive and complex architecture, the mix of different styles, this place is increasingly attracting a lot of visitors. .
This palace was built in the 17th century, through many different royal dynasties, until now, this palace is recognized as one of the 3 world heritage sites in Stockholm.

Stockholm Palace

One of the tourist spots at Hydroelectricity not to be missed is the Stockholm Palace. Come and admire the entire palace, you will find that this place truly deserves the name "most majestic Roman palace".
The design of the Stockholm palace with 7 floors and more than 600 different large and small rooms you can spend a whole day discovering all the beauty as well as the classical art architecture four centuries ago. In particular, there are many museums inside the palace where visitors can admire and learn more about the history of this magnificent palace!
The journey to discover Sweden is also full of interesting things that you can experience for yourself. 

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