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Interesting experiences in Sweden you should try

Interesting experiences in Sweden you should try

Sweden is a fascinating place for unique experiences and things to explore. Here is a list of interesting experiences in Sweden you should join.

Sleep in a tree hotel

The hotel on the tree has become a legend not only in Sweden but all over the world. With rooms suspended in the trees, shaped like spaceships or boxes reflected around by the forest surrounding them, it's one of the most unique Swedish experiences on world that you cannot ignore. This is also a destination for relaxation to regain energy after hard working days.

many-year-old boys-in-the-fall-from-thuy-from-year-13Sleep in a tree hotel

The museum failed

Surely you will be surprised to know that the Swedish city of Helsingborg has a museum of a unique type in the world: the Museum of Failure. Accordingly, this particular museum keeps most of the objects produced but failed to enter the market. Even they are estranged by customers and considered ... disaster. Or a mask with facial stretch feature but with the electric method. Just hearing its name is enough to know that not a single customer has the courage to use it. The mask is also on display at the failure museum.

Hotel in the middle of the lake

Open from April to October, the Utter Inn has been described as one of the most unusual hotels in Sweden but also one of its most innovative hotels. Designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn is a one-room hotel located at a depth of 3m below Mälaren Lake and looks completely unlike any other hotel in Northern Europe.
Located right in the middle of a calm lake east of Stockholm, Sweden about 100km, visitors seem to be playing upside down when they seem to be the subject for the fish to watch through the glass window. The hotel room has 2 single beds and basic amenities such as mattress blankets, reading lights. Guests must use a boat to reach the hotel a few kilometers from the shore. Above the bedroom is the kitchen and the balcony is sunbathing. Staying at this exclusive hotel will be a pleasant experience in Sweden that you should try.

Båstnäs car cemetery

It's Europe's largest car cemetery, buried deep in pine trees in the vast forests of Sweden. It is said that the cemetery developed from Sweden's shift from driving on the left side of the road to the right in 1967. 
There are over a thousand cars scattered across the area, and interestingly, Bastnäs (just an hour's drive from Oslo) is also famous as the site of the discovery of the chemical element Cerium in 1803.


The Stadsmuseum (City Museum) is the ideal first stop for a trip to Gothenburg as you'll get a detailed explanation of the history of the city. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Visit the area's first man-only exhibitions, stand in front of the only Viking boat on display in Sweden, and then research the exquisite collection of Chinese decorations.
The museum is located in the former home of the Swedish East India Company. This 18th-century building now houses 10 permanent galleries and many short-term galleries, making it one of the richest museums in the country.

Goat Yule

Each Christmas season, about two hours north of Stockholm, the village of Gävle erects a giant Swedish Yule (Gävlebocken) in Gavle Cátle Square. 
The goat is made of straw and was first erected in 1966, since then, one of the bizarre traditions for which the Swedes are famous. During 50 years of existence, the giant goat was hit by a car or set fire 37 times.

Telefontornet telephone tower

Another interesting experience in Sweden is the Telefontornet Telephone Tower located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, an iconic work more than 100 years ago. At that time, the new cell phone was invented and became a miraculous means of communication for human beings. However, the engineers have not thought of placing the telephone cables underground. Strings of wires are densely hung above the pedestrians' heads, connecting to massive towers like the Telefontornet.
Telephone service was very expensive at the time and only the rich could afford it. In Sweden, the first telephone service appeared in Stockholm in 1880, provided by the Bell Telephone Company. Initially there were only 121 customers. The package fee is very high, from 1,100 - 1,970 USD / year at present par value, depending on location and distance.

Solar cannon

Only one active solar gun remains in the world and you can find it in the small Swedish town of Åtvidaberg. Built in 1853, the gun was originally part of the Adelsnäs park and fell into mild turmoil at times. 
In 1986, the Sun Cannon Club brought it back to life and since then, the cannon has been fired every day at 1 p.m. from May to September. 


Old Tjikko tree

Finding the Old Tjikko tree and taking a photo check-in here is an interesting experience in Sweden . Old Tjikko (Spruce) tree lives on Mount Fulu in Dalarna province, Sweden. At first, people only thought that this tree could live a little old, but after undergoing carbon dating, the scientists discovered that the root system of this plant has the highest lifespan of up to 9550 years. .
The Elitereaders newspaper said, Old Tjikko trees are asexual species, when the stem dies, the roots will grow a new time (germinate) to create a new stem. Thus, the actual period of this tree is only a few hundred years, but its roots have existed since the Ice Age. Before the Tjikko tree, the world also has many other ancient trees, such as the Methuselah pine tree in California (USA) whose life expectancy is between 4000-5000 years old.

Huge Codex Gigas

This book is called Codex Gigas, which in Latin means "The Giant Book". It is 92cm tall, 50.5cm wide and about 20cm thick and you won't be able to lift it on your own because it weighs 75kg. Codex Gigas is 320 pages thick and is made from cowhide.
Much of the Codex Gigas content is not found in any other ancient text, about half of the book is the Latin version of the Bible including the Old Testament and the New Testament. The remaining pages are short texts on the encyclopedia: History of medicine, herbs, the most dangerous cure, the antidote, magic articles ...

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