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Immediately discover 8 Indonesian street dishes 'hot and humming'

Immediately discover 8 Indonesian street dishes 'hot and humming'

With Indonesia's long history as a land of spices, it seems that only cheap street food and traditional culinary styles have formed an incredibly delicious and packed whole interesting story. If you are traveling in Jakarta city or Yogyakarta, you don't need to walk too far to find a delicious street food. 

1. Kerak telor - Indonesian street snack

Kerak telor is street food Betawi, Indonesia  characteristics : a kind of glutinous rice frittata is cooked over charcoal and then a fraction of glutinous rice is placed on the pan, add shallots sautéed quit, shrimp, coconut, pepper and salt. The whole is then mixed with flavored eggs or chicken eggs. When you eat Kerak telor you will feel the crispness and aroma of the outer shell. 

Chicken or duck eggs will depend on your taste. Duck eggs will taste richer, fatter and stimulate the taste buds, perhaps so Kerak telor made of flavored eggs costs a little more. Many people may find this dish quite similar to a Western omelet, but the addition of sticky rice, chives, shrimp and coconut makes Kerak telor completely different. 
Kerak telor is an Indonesian street food but not as popular as other street food: "We only sell Karak telor in central locations like Jakarta, Monas, Old Town and Setu Babakan".

2. Nasi Uduk - Indonesian coconut rice

This copra has a similarity to the Nasi Lemak that you will find in Malaysia, but Betawi has made Nasi Uduk even more unique. Betawi replaced coconut milk for regular water, and combined with lemongrass, cloves and other spices. This unique recipe for a more delicious flavor will be a great match with tempeh, nasi ayam or anchovies. 

3. Soto Tangkar - The soup of royal origin 

Indonesian street foodSoto Tangkar - Indonesian street food

"Soto" is the term used for Indonesian-style soups, and there are many regional variations. 
Soto Tangakar is a Betawi dish with beef ribs and brisket stewed in coconut milk, garlic, chili, and other spices. Betawi people love serving Soto Tangkar with satay beef and diners will use Soto as a spicy sauce for beef skewers.Soto's noble origins are from the Malay word ratu (royal) along with the Malay word kraton (palace). 
A king fell ill and asked for a soup to help him recover his health. So the soup is made more spicy than usual for the sake of the king.

4. Gado-Gado - Indonesian street salad

Vegetarians who come to Indonesia can breathe a sigh of relief as they can still enjoy the Indonesian street food by ordering Gado-Gado. Gado-Gado is a dish of fresh vegetables and vegetables, tofu and tempeh, mixed with a delicious peanut sauce. Add to the salad boiled eggs, sautéed onions. 
Unlike most other Indonesian street food, you can easily own a delicious bowl of Gado-gado salad at restaurants and hotels in the area because this is an extremely popular Indonesian street food. sold in most of Singapore's malls and deluxe eateries in Indonesia.

5. Ketoprak - Indonesian street snacks

Ketoprak is similar to Gado-Gado when using peanut sauce as the main sauce of the dish. The difference lies in the use of rice noodles and longtong rice, mixed with bean sprouts, garlic, tofu, chives, ... 

6. Nasi Gila - Food "crazy rice" street of Jakarta, Indonesia

"Gila" in Indonesian means "crazy", so "Nisa Gila" is translated to "Crazy Rice". This exotic rice dish consists of sausage, chicken, meatballs and lamb, served with kripik fish sauce. 

7. Bakso - Meatballs soup for the president

The Indonesians love the US President, Obama when he visited their home country and President Obama also expressed his admiration for the unique Indonesian cuisine. After enjoying the delicious dinner, Obama thanked, complimented his workmanship and expressed his enjoyment of the delicious food. 
Basko is a popular Indonesian street food , rich in protein, plump, delicious and cheap, mainly served in trolleys. Full, rich meatballs are mixed with noodles and rich broth, then garnished with fried chives, hard eggs. 

 8. Nasi Manado 

If you simply cannot appreciate food unless it has more than 50% habanero chili, then you will feel like a house in Manado city in eastern Indonsia: the Minahasa people eat everything with chili. Even Minahasa bananas are eaten with chili. 
The dishes of the Minahasa people are added with aromatic herbs such as basil, lemongrass and lime leaves. Therefore, Manado dishes have a "heat" and extremely distinctive flavor.   

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