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Hold in hand travel experience Stockholm - Sweden super detailed

Hold in hand travel experience Stockholm - Sweden super detailed

Stockholm city - Sweden has beautiful and modern architectural works that still retain the ancient features; along with the vibrant pace of life, it is the cultural center of the country; This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
Stockholm is the capital of the country of Sweden, this is considered the cultural, political center and the most populous city in Northern Europe. Its territory stretches over 14 islands where Lake Malaren flows into the Baltic Sea. Stockholm has 85% of residents working in the service industry and almost no heavy industry; That makes it the cleanest big city in the world. 

Stockholm travel experience: Travel time

With the characteristics of a country in Northern Europe, Sweden has extreme weather and long winters. However, at this time, sports activities are still taking place so you can choose to come to Stockholm at any time of the year.
A little tip is that you should travel to Stockholm in the summer when the weather is quite warm and pleasant. The sunny days will last until September, so this time the city is quite crowded. If you are a quiet lover, you can avoid high season tourism, May is the best trip for this trip.

Holding Stockholm Travel Experience - Sweden Super DetailedBest you should travel to Stockholm in the summer

Experience applying for a Swedish tourist visa

To travel to Sweden , you need to apply for a European visa - a short-term visa that allows people to stay for a period of no more than 3 months in the Schengen countries.
In some cases, the Embassy will ask you to be interviewed for additional information after submitting your application. You can refer to the procedures, documents and how to answer the Swedish visa interview HERE .

Stockholm travel experience: Move

Move to Stockholm

From Vietnam (Noi Bai airport, Da Nang airport and Tan Son Nhat airport) there are many airlines that have flight to Stockholm such as: Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Dragonair, Thai Airways ... You can't fly straight, you have to be in transit. Fares range from $ 357 - $ 3920 / way. Specifically: 
+ Hanoi - Stockholm: Airlines serving Qatar Airways; Vietnam Airlines ... Transit in Ho Chi Minh City, Dubai, Paris ... Fares from $ 357 - $ 2198.
+ Da Nang - Stockholm: Jetstar Pacific Airlines can fly; Vietnam Airlines ... Fares range from $ 357 - $ 3920.
+ Ho Chi Minh City - Stockholm: Refer to Vietnam Airlines; Cathay Pacific Airlines; Turkish Airlines ... Price from $ 383 - $ 3085.
The ticket price can go higher or lower depending on factors such as: When you buy the ticket, the airline you choose ... 
After getting off the Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, you can come here by the Flygbussarna Airport Coach Airport bus or the SJ train with the 45km distance.

Move in Stockholm

To be able to use all public transport, visitors only need to buy a travel pass for 120 krona / day or 240 krona for 3 days (1 krona ~ 2,390 VND). This ticket can be purchased over the counter or online. 
Bicycles: A vehicle popularized by its versatility. In Stockholm you can buy a dedicated bike pass, pick up and drop off your bike at city stations every 3 hours.
+ Subway: Stockholm travel experience is that if you stay for 2 days or more, buy a travel card (Travel card) for convenience and cost savings.
+ Bus: You can buy tickets at the Central Bus Station or at the Information Center in Gamla Stan old town.
+ Uber: Uber's price is much cheaper than a normal taxi and you can know in advance the price you have to pay will be more active.
+ Taxi-pod (tricycle shaped like a cocoon, powered by electricity and friendly with the environment) suitable for sightseeing in the city.

The good hotels in Stockholm are convenient and cheap

According to Stockholm tourism experience , you can refer to the following hotels:
Generator Stockholm: Good room quality, full amenities. The hotel is located close to the center, which is convenient to travel to the city as well as to the airport. Address: Torsgatan 10, Vasastaden, Stockholm
- Maude's Hotel Enskede: Very convenient location to the beautiful sights of the city and the eateries. Address: Svedmyraplan 3, Enskede, Stockholm.
- Hotel Birger Jarl: The rooms are large and airy; modern and comfortable furniture; The restaurant serves many delicious dishes that will satisfy the most demanding diners. Address: Tulegatan 8, City Center 

Sights of interest in Stockholm

Old Town Gamla Stan

One of the most famous sights in Stockholm is Gamla Stan old town, the oldest typical medieval architecture in Europe. Here, visitors step foot on the gravel and mossy streets clinging to the buildings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Vibrant frescoes appeared everywhere; Along the street are full of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops for handicrafts, antiques and souvenirs. Up to now, this place is strictly preserved and becomes the venue for major events such as royal weddings.

Royal Palace

Built from the years 1697 to 1754, the royal palace is the male palace known as the most magnificent Roman palace in the world. Unique baroque architecture style from work place to historical sites. There are about 600 rooms and 3 history museums that still retain artifacts of ancient royal life. Here you can admire the armor, wooden swords, and precious gold-plated crowns.

Town hall

The famous town hall in Stockholm was specially built with 8 million handcrafted pink stones, 105 m high. The whole project has conference rooms, exhibition rooms and restaurants; in the hall there are statues and mosaics that look very splendid. On the southeastern side of the building is the Three Crowns crown memorial tower - an old Swedish national symbol. This modern architecture is rated and ranked as the most beautiful in the country. 
If you did not know, this is the venue for the annual Nobel Prize party.


The Ericsson Globe is a building in the shape of a white sphere to host epic sporting events with up to 16,000 people. Built in 1989, today is one of the iconic works of Stockholm Capital and is the largest spherical building in the world. Inspired by the solar system, the tilted elevator on the body called the Skyview consists of 2 chambers, running parallel on 2 slides. From here, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Stockholm without being obscured by anything.

Bromma Kyrka Church

Bromma Kyrka Church is located on the western outskirts of the city. This is the most beautiful place in this city with extremely unique and unique medieval paintings at the end of the 15th century. In the sunset light, the whole work exudes an indescribable splendor.

Stockholm specialties

What to eat in Stockholm tourism? When coming to this city, do not forget to explore the culinary culture of Sweden through some of the following famous dishes:
- Swedish meatballs : Beef, pork ... minced to add fresh milk mixed with other spices such as flour, green onion, eggs, pepper, white salt ... meatballs are fried or grilled. depending on taste. According to Stockholm tourism experience , this is the first dish you should enjoy when arriving in this country.
- Salted herring: Herring from the Baltic Sea is steeped until memes, then canned and eaten for a long time. People enjoy them with buttered bread with a bit of potatoes and red onions for added flavor.
- Bean soup (ärtsoppa): A traditional dish made from a variety of complex ingredients such as sliced ​​salted pork, sliced ​​carrots, chopped onions, sliced ​​white garlic, thyme, oregano. , salt, bay leaves, pepper….
- Pytti panna: The dish is made from meat, with onions, cut potatoes and cherry tomatoes, then fried or boiled, served with fried eggs and other ingredients.
- Blodpudding: The black sausage made from pig blood, milk, barley flour ... People do not eat it directly but fry it with butter, or cook it with milk, and eat it with blackberry jam.
Anchovy roe salad sandwich: Quite popular in Sweden. People mix meat and anchovies in a specially formulated sauce and served with bread. An extremely affordable appetizer.

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Sweden?

Some gifts should buy for friends and relatives after a trip to Sweden:
- Dalecarlian horse (Dalahäst): Wood products carved by hand or sewn from fabric. Originated from a traditional children's toy, Dala Horse is now a symbolic gift of this land.
- Happy socks: Although they tend to wear black and neutral outfits, especially the Swedes have happy-colored socks with fun patterns. This gift for the children in the family will surely be very impressive.
- Abba's disc: If you've heard the song Happy New Year, the group presented Abba is from Sweden. Come here do not forget to buy their own recordings as gifts for music lovers. 
Akvavit (Aquavit): Produced mainly in Scandinavia in the Nordic region from the 15th century. The ingredients for this wine are potatoes or grains, in addition to spices and flavors. such as cinnamon, anise, fennel, cardamom ... In Sweden, they are familiar drinks during Holidays and New Year.

Sweden travel experience: Notes

- If you do not have enough money to stay in central Stockholm hotels, you can apply to stay with local families because the people here are very hospitable and lovely.
- The price of bottled water in Sweden is quite expensive, up to 40 krona / bottle (~ 95,600 VND), public taps are available, so you just need to keep the used bottles to get more. 
- Returning the bike to the right place you originally rented will be much cheaper.
Above are the extremely detailed Stockholm - Sweden travel experiences needed for first-time visitors. Don't forget to bag the information above to proactively plan an enjoyable and memorable trip!

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