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Gothenburg - one of Sweden's most attractive tourist attractions

Gothenburg - one of Sweden's most attractive tourist attractions

Gothenburg city, Sweden is an attractive tourist destination, with outstanding architecture and the green color of flowers and plants. Coming to Gothenburg, visitors will feel this ancient, tranquil and peaceful city for those who like to live slowly.

Gothenburg - the jewel of Swedish tourism

Located at the gateway of the North Sea, Gothenburg has a population of less than a million people but is Sweden's second largest industrial city, after Stockholm. This is home to world-famous brands such as Volvo cars, Ericsson phones ...

Gothenburg, Sweden, was established in the seventeenth century, under the reign of King Gustav II Adolf and was once a trading port, a giant shipbuilding center in Northern Europe. Today, the maritime industry gradually gives way to theater, amusement parks, and commercial buildings.
Along the main streets of Gothenburg, it is easy to find hundreds of years old buildings, ancient cathedrals, majestic like a silence keeping the industrial city bustling and vibrant.

Swedish city of GothenburgAncient buildings along the banks of the river

One of the most unique highlights of the Swedish city of Gothenburg is the Skansen Kronan fortress, a crown-shaped stone-built architecture on a high hilltop, in the heart of the city. Skansen Kronan was built in the seventeenth century by a military man who was tasked with rebuilding and building a defense barrier for Sweden with the intention of turning Gothenburg into the most heavily defensive city in Northern Europe.
But history records that this fortress was never attacked and the cannons were never fired.
Since 1807, Gothenburg became an important commercial center of the whole Nordic region, the fortresses were no longer used for military purposes, and were gradually destroyed to give land to commercial and planning buildings. back to the city.

Attractive tourist experiences in Gothenburg city

1. Visit the old town of Haga
Swedish city of Gothenburg has many sights for a short tour, in which a destination not to be missed is Haga, a neighborhood with picturesque bungalows built in the century XIX.
In Gothenburg there is a very common word: "Fika", which means going to drink coffee, getting rid of the daily busyness of life, meeting old friends, making new friends, chatting ... Fika is almost something. In religion here, one can fika morning, noon, afternoon, evening, in open, cozy "Kafekoppen". Haga has many such "Kafekoppen", open to the city residents and tourists from all directions.
Not far away is the downtown square, where the statue of Poseidon (the Sea God) is located - a symbol of the  Swedish city ​​of Gothenburg . The majestic Hai God statue protects the prosperity and peace of the city.
Visiting a place that attracts about three million visitors each year, visitors can immediately feel the fresh air brought about by the green color here. In many other parks, visitors can not help overwhelmed by the green color of plants and flowers. These green patches contribute to the cool and fresh air of Gothenburg.
2. Explore Fiskekorka
Gothenburg Fish Market also known as Fiskekorka (fish church). The reason it got its name is because of the shape of the building, located next to the canal near the harbor. The fish market was built in 1874, with the architecture simulating the lines of the Norwegian stavkirken wooden church and Gothic stone church architecture. You can visit stalls selling the freshest local seafood and buy them.

3. Wander in Gothenburg Botanical Garden
The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is one of Europe's largest and most diverse botanical gardens. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a vast garden with 16,000 different species of plants including nature reserves, nurseries, lakes and greenhouses.

4. Shopping is a must try experience in Gothenburg
Gothenburg is the largest tourist shopping center in Sweden . If you are a fashionista you can find your favorite brands at 180 different large and small fashion stores, department stores, and fashion stores such as Fjällräven, Åhléns.

5. Cruise on the romantic Göta river
Here, you can take a yacht to relax on the romantic Göta river, watching the entire Gotenburg and impressive architecture. You will have great experiences.

6. Enjoy the cuisine
Enjoying local food is one of the things you cannot miss when visiting Gothenburg, Sweden . Don't forget to eat fresh seafood at Fond and Sjömagasinet or Basement restaurant.
In addition, you can eat traditional Swedish dishes such as kroppkakor (potato dumpling), blodpudding (black sausage), sill (pickled herring), öttbullar (meatballs), ... Drink coffee, sip Fika cinnamon, cakes, biscuits or sandwiches are Swedish culinary experiences that you cannot ignore.

7. Explore the islands
The Gothenburg Islands are a beautiful clear blue paradise with 20 wild islands stretching along the coast and beautiful little villages. Just boarding the ferry you can explore the archipelago. On the island, visitors enjoy engaging activities such as hiking and cycling, seal hunting, kayaking, boat excursions, and fishing.

8. Visiting the museum 
Museums in Gothenburg not only celebrate art, but also aviation, history, fishing, sports, and even the country's beloved Volvo cars. If you plan to visit a few museums then you should purchase a Goteborg City pass for tram, bus and ferry rides.
In addition, Gothenburg has a very unique monumental architectural system. The stately sculpted statues of precious bronze materials are everywhere. The Statue of the Poseidon is a symbol of Gothenburg, King Gustav and many other statues are placed in the right places by urban administrators, creating a solemn setting in the space of the city.
Here, there are still ancient corners of a peaceful small town. Swedish city ​​of Gothenburg is so  peaceful when it comes to walking, whether alone or with anyone at night, nothing unexpected happens. This place does not seem to exist evils, robbery. The purses left loose on pockets, bags or hand-held hands that people are so leisurely, the serene expression is enough to show that this is an absolute safe place.

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