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Find out what Christmas is all about in Sweden

Find out what Christmas is all about in Sweden

Although Christmas is considered a popular festival, its origins are deeply rooted in a country's history and culture. If you have ever been in the Christmas season in Sweden you will find that Christmas is not just an ordinary holiday, but an occasion for citizens and visitors to blend in with the floating biblical story. 

What's Christmas in Sweden so interesting?

Christmas in Sweden has stories that turn back into sincere fables about human life and existence. To this day, Sweden's Christmas traditions are followed up with exciting activities and finally giving way to the colorful Christmas week. 
Talking about Christmas food in Sweden you'll find menus for these days that include cold fish, gravlax, smoked salmon, and more. The Swedes know how to classify their food as sweet and savory food divided by color scheme. Christmas Eve comes with its own charm, where loved ones break the cake together and immerse themselves in the clear sound of the bells for worship.  
When night falls and dawn comes, the country welcomes the best day of the year - Christmas holiday. Gift exchanges are an important part of a traditional Christmas day. A typical Swedish house will have straw goats outside their home during this time as an act of respect for the beings who witnessed the moment of Giesu's birth. 

Reasons you should go to Sweden and the Christmas season

1. Sweden has one of the deepest and longest celebrations dedicated to Christmas. January 13 marks the end of the Christmas holiday in Sweden after 20 days of events and fun. With the best weather for travel and Christmas as a reward for travelers and Sweden is ranked as one of the most popular places to visit during this time of year. 
2. Food: The Christmas Eve party is filled with food from savory to sweet, all creating a constant explosion of flavors. From cheeses to cold cuts, fresh and spreads breads, sausages, ribs, all are traditionally cooked into delicious delicacies, especially for that evening.
3. Homemade mashed wine is another attraction in Sweden because its rustic spice appeals to your senses better than anything else.

-born-in-thuy-dien-co-fall-in-11Homemade mash is another attraction in Sweden

4. It is the spirit of Christmas in Sweden that makes time more precious than ever. From beautiful decorations to fun activities, happy people will make your trip to Sweden much more enjoyable.
5. The culture and history that accompany the Christmas traditions in Sweden will surely make you curious. The stories of history surprise us by how far we have come as a global race. 
6. Swedish Christmas desserts are quite well arranged. The simple and clear formula of 'risgrynsgrot' sounds easy, but people need years of practice to create this art. Porridge served with fresh raspberry jam, often sprinkled with fine cinnamon powder brings a strange familiarity.
7. Every country looks its best when its people are happy and satisfied. With Christmas being the happiest time of the year, it will only come with lots of laughter, good experiences, and good memories. 

Place to spend Christmas in Sweden

Here are the best places to visit in Sweden during Christmas to immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration and experience the local traditions of the festival along with snowfall.
1. Gothenburg
Gothenburg is a tourist destination for Sweden and also known as the Christmas city of Sweden and is a bustling hub of fun activities, markets, food and fun lighting. From the art galleries to the city center, all are beautifully decorated and breathtakingly decorated just before Christmas.
  • Tips: Downtown - Avenyn, looks especially nice during this time of year. You can also visit the main art gallery and go to the Christmas market located in Liseberg.
2. Gallivare
This tiny locale isn't your regular cultural hub, but its annual Santa Winter Games sets it apart from its modern regions. From Santa's parades, contests and food, the festivities gathered into a celebration for everyone present there.
  • Tips: The Winter Olympics Parade is a must-have, along with international rivals to find the best Santa. People from all over the world participated and in recent years even people from Hong Kong have taken up the rankings.
3. Stockholm


Stockholm during Christmas in Sweden is a paradise because of its exotic and cozy feeling. Christmas may make sense in the tourist city of Stockholm , but its true essence lies in its quintessential calmness that makes you discover yourself deeply into your conscience.
  • Tips: The Christmas opening ceremony in Stockholm is especially beautiful. You can join the Stockholm Santa Run where people dress up as Santa Claus on a fun and non-competitive run. You can also enjoy dinner on one of the classic boats, called the Strömmas.
4. Swedish Lapland
Heading north to Sweden allows you to experience the most magical parts of the country. You have small villages surrounded by snowy mountains. You can see herds of reindeer and take aurorus pictures. Furthermore, you can also go skiing or sled across a frozen lake.
  • Tips: Abisko is the place to go if you want to experience the northern light. This is one of the best places on Earth for aurora viewing. Furthermore, you will also get some good places to stay there. Jukkasjärvi is a small village that celebrates Christmas in its own way. It has the famous Icehotel that is worth a visit even when you're not there overnight.
5. Salen
If you don't have a need to travel to Swedish Lapland, then Salen might be a good option. A perfect getaway for a family vacation, this relaxing resort is something one can enjoy and experience a comfortable vacation. This place has a good mix of various activities and some cozy cabins can be rented by tourists. And one can also enjoy some great skiing experiences.
  • Tips: To enjoy a guaranteed ski experience on a white snow bed, Salen is one of the two best ski resorts in Sweden. This place welcomes beginners and young families to try hands-on skiing along with providing the perfect space to relax and enjoy the festive vibes.
6. Tomteland Sagolandet
Located across Lake Siljan, about 300km northwest of Stockholm. This place is a kick for young children. When Christmas arrives, the park transforms into a complete winter country, decorated with snow-red cabins and surrounded by frozen forests and streams.
  • Tips: There are lots of exciting events going on for kids and while all these events keep them occupied, there's also a chance one might get a real chance of meeting Santa.
In addition to the fun things about Christmas in Sweden, visiting this country on winter days, you will enjoy a delicious traditional fika coffee with a warm, fragrant waffle, in the cafes. between the ancient stone paved alleys. The West Coast of Sweden is the largest marine ecoregion in the country, covered in snow in winter. The scene is no different from the wonderland here that always attracts millions of visitors to visit.

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