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Discover the TOP 4 most beautiful caves in Laos

Discover the TOP 4 most beautiful caves in Laos

If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Million Elephants, do not miss the journey to explore the 4 most beautiful caves in Laos to admire the beautiful stalactites with golden and glorious historical stories time.
Located in the Southeast Asian region, famous for its friendliness and likability. The beautiful land of millions of elephants always invites visitors to visit because it possesses sacred temples and pagodas, unique culture and rich cuisine. In particular, the caves with beautiful structures and many mysteries are also extremely interesting destinations for all visitors. 

 1. Pak Ou Caves - famous for thousands of Buddha statues

One of the four most beautiful caves in Laos that many tourists visit is the Pak Ou Caves. This is a limestone cave located in the crossroads of three rivers Nam Ou and Mekong River. This cave has many mysteries as they show more than 4,000 Buddha sculptures of all sizes and shapes. It is said that these statues were carefully hidden in the Pak Ou caves from the early 18th and 19th centuries when the ancient capital of Luang Prabang was invaded by foreign enemies. That is why Pak Ou cave has become a spiritual destination not only for Buddhists but also attracts tourists from all over the world when traveling to Laos.
Talking about Pak Ou caves, this is a cave consisting of 2 natural caves, Tham Phum and Tham Ting caves. Tham Tinh cave is smaller than Tham Phum cave but contains more Buddha statues. In particular, Tham Ting cave is located below so visitors can see it while sailing on the river. Tham Phum Cave is larger and deeper and is located above. These two caves all share a cave gate on the side of the river and are connected by a staircase with more than 200 steps.
And to reach the Pak Ou caves , visitors will be required to travel by boat along the Mekong River. It is the sacred and mysterious scenery from the caves containing thousands of Buddha statues of different sizes and associated with interesting historical stories that make Pak Ou Caves an attractive spiritual destination for everyone traveler.

2. Tham Kong Lo Cave - natural beauty surrounded by limestone mountains

Located in the TOP 4 most majestic caves in Laos , Tham Kong Lo cave is famous for its large area with the amount of limestone surrounded by it, looking very beautiful and new. This cave is located in Phu Hin Pun National Park - Khammmuon - Laos. At this point, everyone was amazed by the natural beauty of this cave when combined by vast limestone mountains, the surrounding frame was covered with a green color with a gentle, cool river.
The special thing is that indigenous people always take advantage of the river flowing through the cave to bring goods and food. That is also the reason to form up these cave exploration tours. And to visit Tham Kong Lo cave, visitors will be equipped with life jackets, bring a flashlight and sit steadily while riding a wooden boat. And to admire the beauty of the fanciful cave here, visitors have to go through the dark streets to admire the beautiful stalactites shimmering under the sparkling lights.
The more you go into the cave, the more visitors will feel the space inside the cave is quite wide and extremely cool because the height of the cave is up to 90 meters. And surely, visitors will be captivated by the magical blue light emanating from this cave. And Tham Kong Lo cave is a cave containing perfect beauty to the heart of people. The special thing is that the lake here always emits emerald green light. So indigenous people have absolute confidence that this is the bathing place of the Indra Hindi god.

Tham Nam Cave - the ideal destination to visit in the summer

Located about 6km north of Vang Vien town - Laos, Tham Nam cave is the most ideal destination for tourists to visit during the summer. To explore Tham Nam cave, visitors are required to rent a float, flashlight, life jacket plus waterproof bag to hold valuable items that you carry. And the way to visit Tham Nam cave is that visitors will sit on the floats they rent and use their hands to pull the rope that is attached to the cave wall.
To avoid stifling, stifling, you should go earlier and wear simple sportswear and add waterproof shoes. And the best time to explore the beauty of Tham Nam cave is at the end of the dry season. At this time, the water level is neither too high nor too low, very convenient for you to explore. And this is the  list of the most beautiful caves in Laos  that many travel enthusiasts often mention when visiting Laos.
Discover the TOP 4 most beautiful caves in Laos

Vieng Xai Cave - featured image of fertile hills

Certainly the last name on the list of the  4 most beautiful caves in Laos  that we cannot ignore is the Vieng Xai cave in Hua Phan province - Laos. This cave is only located about 55km from the border of Vietnam. Although Hua Phan is a very small town, this place always creates many surprises and interesting things for visitors to visit and explore. Moreover, this cave is known as a long-standing historical relic not only for the people of Laos but also associated with the glorious historical battles of the people of Vietnam and America.
Vieng Xai Cave is a cave belonging to a system of rock caves located in the Hua Phan area. And the point that makes up the beauty of Vieng Xai is the immense fertile hills and the perforated limestone cliffs. The cave is quite large and possesses many mysterious scenes such as the Cu Chi tunnels with scenes: war activities, cooking space, buildings, or hospitals or civil stores, military barracks with extremely accommodating up to 23 thousand people.

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