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Can't resist famous Swedish dishes!

Can't resist famous Swedish dishes!

Have you discovered all the famous Swedish dishes or not? If not, it is truly regrettable!
For any country, the culinary background is always one of the unforgettable marks for visitors! The more delicious food there is, the better the destination is! Sweden is no exception! This is also one of the reasons why travel to Sweden for any traveler! So what are you waiting for without us immediately discovering the famous Swedish dishes !

Meatballs - one of the famous Swedish dishes

It can be said that meatballs are one of the famous Swedish dishes that visitors must definitely taste here. This dish is also recognized as the most delicious food in Europe! If you come to Sweden but have not enjoyed this dish, it is very regrettable!

Can't resist famous Swedish dishes!Meatballs - one of the famous Swedish dishes

The Swedes make this dish often using minced beef or pork, then mixed with fresh milk, eggs, butter, flour with scallions, spices and pepper. The meat balls will be rolled up and then put in the oven or deep fried in hot oil, when cooked, the meat is fragrant with the aroma of milk, combined with other spices to create a strange, irresistible appeal. Usually, meatballs will be served with pasta, or can be served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, pickled cucumbers, ...

To Sweden must definitely try salted herring

It can be said that Swedish cuisine has always had a value that any world cuisine wants to aim for, which is the core of the guaranteed nutritional values ​​in all the ingredients that we use. That is why the Swedish salted herring is considered one of the famous dishes of Sweden because of this meaning!
The first impression when you enjoy this dish is the aroma of other unpleasant salt extracts, but when eaten with bread or potatoes, this is indeed "extreme"! 

Impressive reindeer stewed meat dish combined with juniper

One of the unique and strange dishes that when coming to Sweden you should try it is reindeer stew with juniper! When stewed, the reindeer meat is sweet, soft and has a distinct aroma served with aromatic juniper and rich, creamy cream for an irresistible dish!

Special ham - Julskinka is a must-try!

One of the famous Swedish dishes that you should not miss  is Julskinka ham - one of the traditional dishes of the morning of birth in this country. The ham here has a unique taste and with their own secret recipe, it can be said that when enjoyed, it will definitely make you unforgettable!

The delicious sweets in Sweden cannot be missed!

Anchovy roe salad sandwich - special dish not to be missed!

As one of the famous dishes of Sweden , anchovy egg salad sandwiches have very simple ingredients and are not fussy. Here, people use meat and anchovy eggs as main ingredients, then these two ingredients are mixed with a special Swedish sauce made from milk, cheese and other vegetables. 
This salad is often served with bread, so it is often chosen as an appetizer or a light late night snack. A little tip that you should eat with dill! Its taste is really irresistible!

Kanebullar - Cinnamon dumplings one of the famous Swedish dishes!

This can be said to be one of the special Swedish dumplings with the very attractive aroma of cinnamon. You can find this cake in most and anywhere in luxury parties in Sweden or simply outdoor coffee sessions, anyone who chooses Kanebullar to eat with.

Famous ginger rolls and biscuits!

Referring to cakes in Sweden, it is impossible not to mention the unique gingerbread and rolls. Usually these two types of cakes are often loved by people here every Christmas or holiday.
The crust of turmeric rolls in turmeric with raisins, making the cake more attractive, or ginger biscuits with all the shapes from umbrella, flower, heart or species. the animal is coated with a thin layer of white sugar that looks extremely unique.

Unique Hasselback-style baked potatoes

Referring to famous Swedish dishes , perhaps it is impossible not to mention the special Hasselback-style baked potato - a unique way of baking that you probably have never seen!
The potatoes, after being washed, leave the skin and sliced, are not broken but are still connected. Then, the cook will spread a little butter on top and then in the oven. When enjoying, the thin crispy slices of potatoes melt in the mouth and the fragrant buttery flavor is extremely stimulating and attractive.

Famous drinks in Sweden

Sweden is not only famous for its countless unique and attractive dishes, but also has a multitude of drinks equally as well as wines, beers, fruit soups, sweet drinks, ...
Some popular wines are very popular here such as Punsch wine, Akvavit wine, ... Not only that, these wines in Sweden also become one of the traditional symbols in the country. This fun! Coming to this place, you should also try these famous wines, it will be difficult to forget!
In addition, there is also a very interesting drink called: fruit soup! It sounds really interesting, isn't it! This drink is usually made from fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, rose hip, ... You can both use it hot or cold, depending on your preference. A really interesting experience for you!
The culinary scene in Sweden must be said to be extremely unique with irresistible dishes! If you are planning to visit this lovely country, please take note of the famous Swedish dishes right away so you do not miss any!

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