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Back in time, return to the old town of Lucerne, beautiful and peaceful Switzerland

Back in time, return to the old town of Lucerne, beautiful and peaceful Switzerland

Travel back in time back to the beautiful and peaceful old town of Lucerne, you will find this place very well preserved and feel like you are far away from the modern world, even though the rest of town is just away few meters.
Stroll through the streets of the old Swiss town of Lucerne , and you will find the atmosphere here is very romantic, with its beautiful architecture, wonderful statues, fountains, bridges and mountains around you.

There are many shops in every corner, from chocolate shops, clothing stores, eateries, to various restaurants and bars. One of the main attractions here is Prayer, which offers an unforgettable view of the old town from the water. Other attractions including Old Town Hall, St Peter's Chapel and more ... await your discovery.
This place is perfect for couples, wandering tourists or families with children. If you decide to come here, don't worry about getting lost in narrow streets, you won't be disappointed. There is hardly any transportation here and can only be experienced on foot.

Places to visit in the old town of Lucerne must definitely visit

Praying on the River Reuss
As the most popular tourist destination Lucerne , this prayer tree has ceilings lined with 17th century paintings illustrating the history of the old town of Lucerne.
Prayer is the main tourist attraction with some incredible works. Built in 1333 as part of a 204 m long defensive structure. Unfortunately many of the beautiful paintings were destroyed in a fire in 1993. This is free access and from here you can see the beauty of the old town on the river.
A little further downstream and another interesting bridge, Spreuer or Mill Bridge, built in 1408, it also has medieval paintings but on the plague theme is titled: "Dance death".

A water tower overlooking Lake Lucerne. This is a spectacle connected to Prayer which is one of the iconic sights of the old town of Lucern, in fact it has mostly been made up of watchtowers, prisons, torture rooms for much of the time. exist. The tower on the Reus River surrounded by Lake Lucerne is a must-visit in the old town of Lucerne.

Visit the old town of LucerneWasserturm

Visit the cathedral of Lucerne
Next, visit St. Joseph's Cathedral. The majestic Leodegar, considered the most important Renaissance-style church in Switzerland. It is an earlier Benedictine monastery dating from the 8th century, the Hofkirche was completely destroyed by a fire in 1633, with the exception of two Roman towers.
Admire the lion monument
Mark Twain has described the Lion Lucerne as the saddest and most touching rock in the world. Carved directly on the rock, this giant lion is for sure a special sight. This is a memorial monument to the Swiss guard who lost his life in Paris while defending French King Louis XVI during the uprising of the Tuileries, on August 10, 1792.
The streets in the old town
Take some time to get lost in Lucerne's old town , admire its painted facade, or sit in one of the alfresco restaurants and cafes near the Reuss River.
Lucerne's medieval old town is a maze of narrow streets, picturesque squares, impressive churches and beautifully decorated historic buildings with frescoes.
Make sure you take some time to visit some of its most charming squares, including Weinmarkt - where you can see Lucerne's most beautiful fountain, the Mühlenplatz - the largest square of the old town, Kornmarkt - home to Lucerne's Renaissance-style town hall, and the Hirschenplatz - with its picturesque traditional houses.
The Musegg wall
This is a defensive wall built around the old town in the 14th century. It is one of the longest and best preserved structures in Switzerland. Today, you can walk to a part of the wall and visit three of its nine towers.
But one of the main reasons to come here is to admire the wonderful landscape of Lucerne, the lake and the majestic mountain landscape.
Smash the Needle
The Needle Dam has protected Lucerne from floods since the 19th century. Considered a historic monument, this unique engineering adjusts the water level of the lake through a manual removal process. or wooden inserts are still in use today. It's really impressive and definitely worth a look if you're in the old town of Lucerne.
Old town avenue of Lucerne 
Lucerne Old Town Avenue is located between the town hall and Prayer along the River Reuss. Many restaurants with unique tables. Tourists from all over the world take a walk along the riverside and enjoy the romantic scenery here with the riverside on one side and ancient buildings on the other.
The old town of Lucerne was formally established in 1187 and is one of the best summer tourist destinations in Switzerland with a wide range of interesting regional and nearby attractions and activities that will make it easy to spend the whole week. here. Like most cities in Switzerland, the city of Lucerne is very safe and clean, although it's not cheap and many shops won't open on Sundays.

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