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Admire the four seasons scenery at the top of Mount Titlis Switzerland

Admire the four seasons scenery at the top of Mount Titlis Switzerland

Switzerland is not only famous for its glaciers and poetic lakes, but also picturesque mountains where the year-round snow-capped Titlis peak is one of them.

Beautiful road to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Switzerland is a country favored by nature with more than 100 high mountains and 1,800 white glaciers in winter. These things contribute to making this country become a ski paradise in the world.
Moreover, many Swiss tourist destinations  are voted by the world's famous travel magazines as the TOP tourist destinations and places to enjoy the most desirable honeymoon such as Matterhorn Peak, Titlis peak, village Bettmeralp, Lake Blausee, ... In which, Titlis is one of the snow mountains with the most beautiful and lyrical landscape in Switzerland, standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's most photographed mountain - Matterhorn, or Jungfrau peak , which is known as a worldly fairy in the land of white snow.

Indeed, Titlis is favorably called "angel mountain" by Swiss tourists because of its secular beauty. This beautiful mountain is only about an hour's drive from the city center of Zurich.
If you depart from the airport of the tourist city ​​of Zurich , you can easily travel by train or bus to Engelberg - which is known as the city "Mount Titlis". Because Engelberg has the beauty of a harmonious, delicate combination between nature and man, the green grasses at the foot of the majestic Alps are idyllic and graceful oak houses on the riverbank.
You can also take a train that connects immediately to the city of Lurcene to reach the Engelberg region. The total length of the trip is only about 90km and will arrive exactly 2 hours later.
Going down the train to the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, you will see the roads through the city, mixed with the scenery of a fairy-tale village with a poetic lake and glaciers crossing the valley. Smooth green, in the distance are the high peaks.
Moreover, the trip to Mount Titlis is also adorned with tall pine forests flooded in the snow of winter in Switzerland . When sitting on a train or car, you will think the long way to embrace the mountain to reach the endless resort and sports Titlis because there is a long white eye-catching.

Mount Titlis - Switzerland's tourist paradise

Titlis mountain is the highest peak in central Switzerland, at an altitude of over 3200m. Not only impressed by the height, but also owns all the elements to become a Swiss tourist paradise .
Coming here, visitors not only can admire the beautiful landscape but also be immersed in the beautiful scenery of nature. What's more interesting is that you can take part in the recreational sports that are very popular here in both winter and summer. With such super big plus points, each year, the mountain city of Titlis welcomes nearly 1 million international tourists to visit and relax, although the population here is only nearly 4,000 people.
To conquer Mount Titlis, everyone has to go through three types of cable cars that are unique to this place. But rest assured because they are designed to be very safe and light. The specific itinerary is from Engelberg, you pass through Trubsee station to get to Stand station, then finally you will use the Rotair cabin to reach the top of Titlis.
The way up the mountain will use Titlis Rotair. This is the world's first and largest rotating cable car. This interesting vehicle will take visitors through the majestic Swiss mountains that are both high and snow-covered, steep steep slopes with long ice, through a white area that is hard to distinguish between clouds or clouds. Snow, you also go through the beautiful lakes located gracefully by the pine forest or the green valley filled with wild flowers .... to reach the top of Titlis .
All add to the charm but majestic nature of Titlis, which captivates the hearts of people, making many visitors infatuated. Another special feature is that in the midst of that splendid, pristine white snow mountain, there is a block of rock that looks like all the Buddha sitting in samadhi, making the scene more free from the world.

Admire the four seasons scenery at Mount Titlis SwitzerlandTitlis mountain peak all year round covered with a white color.

After the trip to the top of the snowy mountain, you will be taken down to a deep and long cave by tying yourself to a pulley or out to a cable car that glides smoothly across the glacier. Both journeys are extremely interesting, creating the feeling of discovering nature in the closest way.
In addition, there are two amusement parks with a variety of ski equipment and souvenir shops ... During this trip to Switzerland, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy many European and Asian dishes. special emphasis is cheese served with Swiss ice cream bread, dessert at Panorama restaurant amidst the cold cold on the high mountain covered with ice and snow. Surely this will be your unforgettable experience.
In addition to taking the cable car up the mountain and participating in many experiences of conquering the mountain, visiting glaciers, the Tiltlis mountain area also offers you an attractive walk down the mountain by bike. Although it is a very ordinary and familiar vehicle, the feeling of being in the car and dropping down the gentle slopes will be extremely interesting.
The bicycle used here is a type without a saddle and pedal but only a small platform connecting the two wheels. It looks simple, but when driving, you need to hold both hands firmly on the handlebars, and then just drop down the mountain. Think of the scenery where you are gliding through the roads along the edge of the forest and the villages winding by the pine forests and green grass hills, walking beside the flock of sheep and cows leisurely grazing and passing through the cottages The wooden villa is located on the road, next to the lovely wild flower bushes, you will feel the peace and tranquility of your soul, forgetting the daily worries of the busy life.

Unforgettable experiences when traveling to Mount Titlis

Not only the beautiful scenery, but also the Titlis mountain tour  also offers visitors interesting fun activities. Here are 6 certain experiences in Mount Titlis Switzerland that anyone coming here cannot miss!

Mount Titlis cable car ride

The cable car system connects Engelberg station to the top of Klein Titlis with a height of 3,028m and goes through three main stages: Gerschialp (1,262m), Trzigsee (1,796m) and Stand (2,428m). You will travel by the mini cable car at the first leg. The higher you go, you will admire the beautiful scenery of the whole town of Engelberg with the cow farms and many crystal-clear lakes located between green valleys covered with grass and wild flowers.
The second stage of the cable car ride is to entertain visitors with a panoramic view of Titlis ski area and Panorama restaurant. These two places appear as a dotted line into the picturesque landscape of the romantic but no less magnificent Alps.
Finally the Rotair revolving cable car takes you straight to the top of the mountain. This cable car can accommodate up to 50 people with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees for 5 minutes to give visitors different perspectives without having to walk around the cold top of Titlis. This is also the first full-swing cable car in the world. All you need to do is sit still in the cable and admire the wonderful natural landscape of the Titlis mountain region with a horizontal ice sheet covering the mountainside, clouds and snow do not appear full of illusion. distinguish the boundaries.
And then, a welcome sign at a height of 3,028m with the same name as "Klein Titlis" appears before your eyes to celebrate the successful milestone of the cable car adventure. At this time, visitors are spoiled for enjoying the fresh mountain climate, the cool breath of nature at impressive heights and the majestic view of Mount Titlis of Switzerland.

Walk on Titlis Cliff mountain suspension bridge

One of the most memorable challenges for tourists on the top of Titlis mountain is to walk on the highest suspension bridge in Europe Titlis Cliff Walk on days when wind is not too strong.
This impressive work is 100 meters long, only one meter wide but has a height of nearly 3,041 meters above sea level. To go through the bridge only takes about 150 steps, but you will have to face all kinds of emotions from fear, initial thrill to extreme excitement when you have won yourself. Although there are many people who are afraid and fearful because of the great height of the bridge, please feel secure to go through because Titlis Cliff Walk is extremely sure.

Glacier Cave posted in Glacier Cave

Compared to other experiences at Mount Titlis , exploring the Glacier ice cave is a more special activity that has many interesting features in your Swiss tour because it takes you to a closed space.
The Glacier Cave has a regular internal temperature of -1.5 ° C. The cave is 150 meters long and is a tunnel through a part of the Titlis glacier. As you walk through the tunnel, visitors will see art sculptures from monolithic ice. The trip gives you the feeling of stepping into a fairytale space in some snow-white adventure movies.

Visit the Glacier Park ice park

Once you climb into the high mountains and down deep caves, sliding down the gentle snow is the next exciting activity waiting for you. One point that many travelers love this journey is because they quickly bring warm energy to the body. You will gradually get rid of the height and cold air by sitting on a rubber float and being pushed down a narrow slope.
This engaging activity takes place very quickly in about 30 seconds but brings comfort and pure fun, takes you back to your childhood game on the slides, brings a part of the memory to life. was far from childhood.


Whether you come from a tropical, temperate or tropical country, you should not miss skiing in the place known as the paradise of this game. After registration, guests will receive basic ski equipment on the spot. For the first time, you will be guided by a guide and immediately performed the first slopes.

Tourist note Mount Titlis

Like Mount Matterhorn or Mount Jungfrau , Mount Titlis can sometimes be very cold. So, even if you choose to go to the top of the mountain in the middle of summer, you will still feel a little cold around. In winter, the temperature drops to minus so you need to prepare good quality anti-cold clothing before starting the mountain trip like specialized gloves and waterproof shoes and some important things that cannot. lack of high mountain to keep the body warm.
Another note is that this Swiss tourist destination has a lot of tourists all year round, although it is not the peak season, which leads to quite expensive travel costs. So you must be prepared mentally that you have to queue for a long time at the box office or at the place waiting for your turn to be on the bunker to depart the mountain.
Titlis mountain peak, although covered in white all year round, brings different beauty through each season, sometimes charming and charming, sometimes cold, sometimes majestic and magnificent. And in any shade, this place always attracts visitors at any time of the year. Come to Switzerland, do not forget to enjoy the peak of the highest mountain in the central region in the most famous country in the world for watches and these poetic and majestic lakes.

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