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Discover impressive wild features at Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh

Discover impressive wild features at Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh

Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh is a gift that nature bestowed on the central region sunny and windy. Bringing in itself the pristine, charming beauty, the crystal-clear beach here is increasingly becoming a prominent destination on the Quang Binh tourist map. 

Introduction of Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh 

Bao Ninh peninsula is now a new tourist center of Quang Binh province. It converges many luxury hotels and resorts, which are no less famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. 

Quang Binh mention many people will think of the Nhat Le beach , beach Ice Dancing but Bao Ninh Peninsula also possesses a beautiful natural setting was equally landmarks at all. Bao Ninh Peninsula Quang Binh is  located to the east of Dong Hoi city so visitors can easily move here to admire the beautiful scenery.  
From Dong Hoi center, you can choose taxi, motorbike to come to Bao Ninh peninsula, Quang Binh . The road to here is not difficult to find, if you want to be sure, please search google map or ask people. 
In the memory of many people in Bao Ninh peninsula is only a small sand hill located near Nhat Le river mouth. Standing from afar, you will see undulating a few small coastal houses hidden under the peaceful coconut trees. In the past, Bao Ninh was the motherland of heroes, who made great contributions in the fierce resistance war of the nation. 

The beauty of Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh 

Coming to Bao Ninh Quang Binh peninsula , visitors will be immersed in the clear, quiet air, seeming to only hear the sound of waves, wind and ocean flavors. On the vast coast, the rows of coconut trees interspersed with the simple roofs embellish the image of colorful decorative wooden stakes. All bring impressive wild beauty to Bao Ninh. Especially in the afternoon, Bao Ninh beach becomes more attractive than ever. 
Discover impressive wild features at Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh (Photo: quynnie.ig)

Bao Ninh peninsula possesses blue storms with smooth sand stretches. At first glance you think this is a scene not available in Vietnam. On hot summer days, you can come here to immerse yourself in the green space, breathe the scent of the sea, close your eyes and relax to hear the waves. Sometimes a vacation only needs those feelings. 
With a harmonious layout of sandy hills, rivers, lakes, sea and green trees, Bao Ninh peninsula is increasingly striving to become a famous tourist destination attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. 

Interesting activities in Bao Ninh peninsula 

Have fun at sea 

Coming to Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh you have the opportunity to participate in many interesting and interesting recreational activities right on the beach or in the square. Coming back here to swim, have fun, do not forget to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes prepared by chefs who are very charming and bring the unique flavor of Quang Binh people. If you come here on the right occasion of the festival, you can also join the fishing festival, the seasonal festival organized by the local people. 

Watch the sunset and the sunrise 

If you have the opportunity, go to Bao Ninh peninsula early in the morning to see the picturesque sunrise. When the first rays of the sun began to shine on the sea surface, all the space here became sparkling, sparkling extremely romantic. If you do not catch the dawn you can come in the afternoon to hunt the sunset. The sunset dyed the sea to end the day is a wonderful scene. At this time everything is soothing but deeply engraved in the hearts of visitors. 

Attractions near the Bao Ninh peninsula Quang Binh 

Nhat Le Beach 

Nhat Le Beach is located right on the Bao Ninh peninsula of Quang Binh , so you can combine these two places in your visit. When you finish walking at Nhat Le beach, you just need to cross Nhat Le bridge and you will reach Bao Ninh peninsula. In addition, when standing on Nhat Le Bridge, you can catch your eyes on Bao Ninh's clear and peaceful sea. At this time, it seems the daily fatigue disappears. 

Monument to Mother Transparent 

The mother monument is located on the Nhat Le river bank, so Bao Ninh peninsula is quite close. This is a relic that leaves a lot of historical impression for every visitor when visiting. In 2003, the statue of Mother transparent and the whole complex of the memorial area were officially cut. The monument stands proudly there, expressing Mom's spirit. Always live with the river, the country and the heart of every Vietnamese child. 

Vung Chùa - Yen island 

Located at the foot of Ngang pass, Vung Chua is a clean beach with smooth white sandy beaches. It is surrounded by green trees that bring a very wild and peaceful beauty. Because it is covered by three islands, Chua Pagoda is very windy. 
Not far from Vung Chua is the beautiful Yen island. The name of Yen Island is called because there are many oats here. Today, Vung Chua - Dao Yen became more famous because this is the place to place the tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap. 

son Doong cave

Son Doong Cave is a place belonging to Phong Nha - Ke Bang vestige complex located in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh. This place possesses extremely mysterious and surreal beauty that attracts many visitors from all over the world to explore and conquer. 
With a length of nearly 9 km, Son Doong cave is like a new planet with a unique climate, ecosystem, flora and fauna. On the ceiling of the cave, there are two large pits that make sunlight and rain come in, creating a unique forest. Every corner of the cave has stalactites of all shapes. Each of the angles shines the lights on these stalactites, emitting different sparkling lights. 
Coming to Bao Ninh peninsula of Quang Binh , all the noise of the city has stepped back, returning here a quiet, fresh space, leaving only the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves merging to create a the love song is so pleasant. 

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