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All kinds of virtual living in Canh Duong Quang Binh mural paintings

All kinds of virtual living in Canh Duong Quang Binh mural paintings

With countless vivid and colorful backgrounds, Canh Duong mural road is a destination that attracts a lot of tourists to visit and take pictures. 

Introduce briefly about Canh Duong mural paintings 

Canh Duong mural paintings is located in a fishing village of the same name in Quang Trach district, Quang Binh, about10kmfrom the tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap . When coming here, everyone will immediately be conquered by colorful frescoes and peaceful atmosphere of the sea. 

Canh Duong mural road extends from Dinh To To temple to the coastal road. It includes many vivid 3D hand-painted paintings depicting the history of formation, development with the tradition of fighting in the resistance against foreign invaders. In addition, the beauty of Canh Duong fishing village is also skillfully integrated by talented artists. 
Upon arriving here, visitors can both admire the many beautiful paintings and visit many old houses covered with green moss, roofing coral reefs and joining in the simple life of a fishing village. 

All kinds of virtual living in Canh Duong Quang Binh mural paintings The idyllic beauty of the fishing village is vividly portrayed 

The road to Canh Duong mural road 

Canh Duong is located close to National Highway 1A, 11km from Thanh Mau Temple Lieu Hanh, 10km from General Vo Nguyen Giap's grave. Firstly, tourists come to Quang Binh by plane, bus or train. Then go along Highway 1A. When you reach the foot of Ron Bridge, turn right and go a short distance to reach Canh Duong fishing village . You continue to move to Canh Duong communal house, the fresco road is right next to the communal house. 

Impressive beauty of Canh Duong Quang Binh mural paintings 

Under the talented hands of artisans, the simple wall painters once wore a new, colorful and impressive coat. At Canh Duong Quang Binh mural road,  there are dozens of 3D paintings to adorn the small road to the sea, which is ancient and more vibrant. Each picture is hidden in it true stories about the heroic history of the nation and the simple beauty of the sea. 
The paintings on Canh Duong mural painting were born by the Department of Tourism of Quang Binh province in association with the People's Committee of Quang Trach district personally invited a group of young painters to paint. Since the formation of Canh Duong mural village , there has been a boom in tourism and economy. The number of tourists coming here is increasing day by day and attracts many foreign tourists. 

Check in extreme so deep at Canh Duong mural village 

The paintings at Canh Duong mural village are meticulously drawn by the artist with colorful fonts making a very good backdrop for checking in. Just stand in pose and have a friend take photos with mind, you have yourself a list of super nice, super toxic.
Not only is the background to take pictures but the paintings at Canh Duong mural road make you imagine the life of coastal people in Quang Binh. The more you go, the more you will know more about the characteristics, the lifestyle of the village or the touching love stories.
There is a picture of the fishing village, about the bustling scene of seafood wholesale, about the beloved fishing boat. Going a little deeper, you will encounter the fighting image with the resolute face of the brave girls and boys. Each work has different stories but it is enough for you to both visit and love the country and people of Vietnam. 

Attractions near the Canh Duong Mural Road 

Vung Pagoda - Dao Yen 

Located on Hon La Bay, right at the foot of Ngang Pass, Vung Chua is a very clean beach with smooth white sand. This place is surrounded by pristine, green vegetation swimming that brings a very peaceful beauty. Vung Chua is very windy because it is surrounded by 3 islands: Gio, La and Nom. 
Not far from Vung Chua is the poetic Yen Island, people often call this is Nom Island. Yen Island name was born because on the island there are many flock of swiftlets flying back to nest. Today, Vung Chua - Dao Yen has become famous because it is the place to place the grave of the great General of the Vo Nguyen Giap nation. 

Temple of Mother Lieu Hanh

Anyone who has ever traveled to Quang Binh to Ngang Pass will not forget to stop for a moment to visit Mau Lieu Lieu sacred temple to pray for fortune, fortune, health for relatives and friends. The temple has a total area of ​​nearly 350m2, behind is the Hoanh Son mountain range, in front of the lake, the temple faces the sea. 

Ngang Pass 

Ngang Pass is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in Quang Binh . In fact, this is a beautiful pass route and is the most popular tourist in the country. Many enthusiastic teams want to head to Ngang Pass to challenge the steering wheel and enjoy the beauty of beautiful nature. 
Standing on the top of the pass, looking far away, you will see the winding mountain pass, watching the whole mountain scenery in Hoanh Son range. In the distance is Hon La Bay, a famous whore. 
Today there is a 500m-long tunnel built through passes. The solidly constructed tunnel has 6 lanes. However, many people still prefer to pass through the pass. Each time of conquering is one time to enjoy the spaciousness of sky clouds and trees. At this time you will hear the clear sound after the daily chaos. 

Rock Jumping 

With blue sea, white sand Bai Da Nhay is an ideal destination for a vacation in Quang Binh. Not only that, this place also attracts tourists by the extremely untouched rocky beaches. Every morning dawn, the rays of the morning sun shining on the ocean shimmered bright pink. 

All kinds of virtual living in Canh Duong Quang Binh mural paintings Rock Jump Beach is located near Canh Duong mural road 
On hot summer days, you can come here to feel the cool space from the sea on the rocky shore, listen to the gentle ocean waves. At this time all the noise, fatigue has disappeared at any time.
Coming to Canh Duong Quang Binh mural road is to find a peaceful fishing village with gentle and simple people. A very interesting destination that combines both traditional beauty and modernity and dynamism. What are you waiting for, but not invite your comrades to come here to shoot for all the virtual virtual living quarters. 

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