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Visit the magical village of South Korea Imsil-gun

Visit the magical village of South Korea Imsil-gun

Have you ever heard of the magical village of Imsil-gun in Korea? 
This is one of the towns that are very attractive to visitors today. Many international tourists like to come here because the story of this cheese village always makes them feel curious when they have the opportunity to travel to Korea .

1. About the Korean village of Imsil-gun

Is a small village in the Korean town of Jeolla. Although the road leading here is a bit difficult to go, but the wild beauty and the magical stories are what motivate visitors to come here to explore. 
There are a total of 13900 households living and people mainly live on agriculture. From past to present, this village is famous for being a land of many different agricultural products. Especially chili because the soil here is very fertile and fertile.
If you travel from Seoul, it will take about 3 hours to move here. The location of Imsil-gun village is very suitable to go by bus or train. Because it is only about 500m from the train station, the travel is also very convenient.
This village is the most famous direct cheese producer in this land of Kimchi. If this place used to be so remote, this day it would have changed dramatically. Because after the Korean War, the land was put into cheese by a Belgian priest from the reserve milk and excess of two goats he raised. After that, he opened a cheese factory and then expanded production to a large scale. 

2. Visit the Korean village of Imsil -gun

Directions to Imsil sightseeing 

If your direction is from Seoul, then you just need to go towards Gyeongbuk. Run straight toward this highway to Cheonan Nonsan. Then continue through Honam to Imsil and Pahang and Cheonju Gwangyang. This distance takes about 3 hours by car. 
If you go from Busan, you will follow the secondary route which is Namhae Expressway. Then take the Namhae, Thongyeong and Olympic, Cheonju highways. This route will take 3 hours and 16 minutes to arrive.

Interesting experiences when visiting Imsil-gun village

Experience visiting the magical village of Imsil-gun in KoreaWhen you come to Imsil-gun, you will learn and participate in the cheese production process

Coming to this magical village, you will discover many new things. Especially participating in many interesting experiences such as witnessing the cheese making process. In the Korean village of Imsil-gun , there are many activities like packing and producing cheese. Visitors can learn and take photos to check in at this location. In addition, you can also try making pizza baked.
According to the Korea Tourism Administration, the number of tourists coming to this cheese village is increasing. Not only that, this place is always one of the most famous destinations of this kimchi country. 
The cheese production activity at Imsil-gun has grown and expanded more than before. So far, the cheese in this village has made a name for itself. Every year from the source of cheese sales, this place has made a large amount of up to 10 billion won / year. 
Thanks to cheese production, this place has been improved and the economy has improved a lot. Especially the poverty here is no longer there. Because of this change, the Imsil-gun village had a big change. Maybe this change is miraculous. 

3. The story of the magical village of Imsil-gun

This story pertains to this village. The origin of this magical village also originates from here. 
The priest from Belgium, after being assigned the task, went to the Imsil church. This place used to be very poor. People here often do not have jobs to make the economy worse. Thanks to the priest Didier TSerstevens helped the people here change their attitude. They understand that it takes hard work and many sacrifices to help their children and grandchildren lead a more stable and better life. The sacrifice to make things better is extremely necessary. It was this cognitive change that helped the Korean village of Imsil-gun to have a miraculous change.
Thanks to the two chamois, this priest was presented. He raised them for very little. It is estimated that the cost is only 1/10 of the normal dairy farming method. Because the natural grass here is the ideal food for these animals to grow. When chamois milk, the excess milk, this priest does not know how to handle? This method of selling excess milk is also ineffective. Therefore, the thought of making cheeses for sale had sparked. Making cheese will not require too much time and equipment costs. By the way of processing and manufacturing it is very simple.

Initially when making cheese was not really successful because it did not achieve the desired taste. Then, thanks to the investment and construction of a small cheese making workshop was born. Many failures and this priest went to France to learn the techniques of cheese making of this country. After hard working and searching, this priest had the most perfect cheese recipes. Since then, the products of the Korean village of Imsil have had great harvests from cheese making. The cheese products here quickly gain market share and have the development that can be said to be outstanding. 
Because of this story, Imsil has become a fairy village that many people want to explore and learn. Hopefully the above share will help you understand somewhat of the famous tourist destination of the land of Kimchi named the magical Korean village of Imsil-gun . 

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