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Take one for a weekend at Dam Long Resort in Hanoi

Take one for a weekend at Dam Long Resort in Hanoi

Ecotourism always has a special attraction when many people want to leave the noisy life of the city and want to be immersed in the fresh natural space. If you are looking for a great ecological area near Hanoi, then come to Dam Long resort to enjoy the weekends. 

About Dam Long tourist resort 

Dam Long tourist resort is located in Cam Linh commune, Ba Vi district about 70kmfrom the center of Hanoi This is a quite famous ecological area with rich flora and fauna system with many interesting recreational activities to meet the needs of many ages. On weekends, Dam Long eco-zone is a great resort coordinates after the chaotic pressures of life. 
Dam Long tourist area owns nearly 20 hectares of primary forest. The total area of ​​the area is 70ha, a very large space for visitors to freely experience and explore. In the ecological forest in Dam Long tourist area, there are more than 400 types of trees and many animals: monkeys, deer, deer, squirrels, ferrets, ... Not only owning the lush natural landscape but this place is also build many unique amusement parks such as the duck boat on the lake, the swimming pool with slide, the roller coaster area, ... 

How to move to Dam Long tourist area? 

To move to Dam Long tourist area of ​​Hanoi,  tourists can use many types of vehicles such as motorbikes, personal cars and coaches. First, you start from the center of Hanoi and follow the direction of Lang Hoa Lac Highway, then turn to Son Tay T-junction. Continue moving about 4km to see the signboard to Suoi Hai Lake on the right of the road Follow the signage about 10km to Suoi Lai Lake. From here you move 3km more to see the signpost to Dam Long. Now you follow the sea will arrive. 

Ideal time to visit Dam Long tourist area 

Visitors can come to Dam Long resort at  any time of the year. However, the best time to travel here is from September to November. At this time, the cool weather is suitable for experiencing many fascinating activities. Rainy seasons occur regularly, so be sure to watch the weather forecast carefully before you go.

What is the attraction of Dam Long tourist area? 

Mini dress 

Dam Sen is a special highlight in Dam Long ecological area . Visiting Sen lagoon you can sit fishing, cycling around the lake or sitting nearby admiring the fragile lotus flowers. Standing in front of the vast space of Sen lagoon, visitors will feel the poeticness and peace rare among ups and downs of life. In addition, this is also a great virtual corner for young people. 

Take each other away on the weekend at the Dam Long resort in Hanoi Real pictures

Water lily dress 

Not only the lotus, but also in Dam Long tourist area also owns a beautiful water lily garden. By the season of blooming, the dense waterlily blooming themselves vigorously in the sunshine. There have been countless visitors who have to watch the water lilies blooming. This is an experience you should try when coming to this eco zone.  

Discover Bang Ta forest 

Stepping into Bang Ta forest at Dam Long tourist resort outside Hanoi , visitors will visit the vast primeval forest with biodiversity and many kinds of animals such as deer, monkeys, deer, squirrels, ... In which the most friendly are still mischievous monkeys, you can feed them or play with them. The monkeys in this eco-garden are not afraid of humans. If anyone sees them, they will probably follow to ask for some food. 

Visit the countryside market

After the fun, visitors can visit the rural market full of regional agricultural products to visit. The roots and tubers are fresh and are grown by the local people themselves. You can buy a few as gifts for friends and relatives. 

What to play at Dam Long resort?

Coming to Dam Long tourist area of ​​Hanoi , do not miss the opportunity to participate in many thrilling games and activities at the water park. Only with the ticket price of about VND 100k, visitors can experience all the games in Dam Long tourist area such as: speedboats, superman boats, river yachts, water slides, flying rugs, swing, ... 

What to eat when visiting Dam Long resort?

After the journey to visit and experience at Dam Long eco-zone, visitors can visit some of the following restaurants to recharge: 
Dam Sen Restaurant: This place can accommodate up to 150 guests. Coming here, you can both drink delicious wine and sip on delicious wild meat dishes such as: pig Man, Da Da bird, Frog, Chicken hill, ... 
Large Restaurant: The space here is spacious with a capacity of about 300 guests. The restaurant has a system of facilities such as air conditioning, .... along with delicious dishes made from professional chefs. 

The note when coming to Dam Long tourist area 

To make the trip to Dam Long tourist resort safe, complete and most economical, please prepare some of the following necessary items: 
- Sunglasses, raincoats, plastic bags, hats, masks, sun jackets. 
- You can bring some ready-made snacks at home, mineral water, fresh water. 
- Backup charger or before going to remember to fully charge your phone, camera. 
- Comfortable and airy clothes and comfortable shoes. 
What are you waiting for without planning to visit Dam Long Ba Vi tourist area to  discover right away. Moments of play and exciting experiences await you right near the Capital without spending too much. 

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