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Listening to stories at the foot of Tac Tinh waterfall

Listening to stories at the foot of Tac Tinh waterfall

Known as one of the famous tourist destinations in Lai Chau, Tac Tinh waterfall always attracts many tourists from all over the country to visit. 
Going along the stone steps leading to  Tac Tinh waterfall , everyone would wonder why this waterfall in the mountains of the forest has such a beautiful name, so it must be named after a certain love story? 

Love story at the foot of Tac Tinh waterfall

Tac Tinh waterfall is  also known as  Tac Tinh waterfall , people here still call it Tinh waterfall in short . The waterfall is located in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district, about 27km from the center of Lai Chau city. Located in the middle of the same mountain, the waterfall looks like a beautiful young woman behind the hands of majestic nature. From a distance, the waterfall appears like the hair of a soft and gentle girl.
The life of the Dao people around here never knows how to attach themselves to a waterfall called Tac Tinh! People here said that the waterfall never stopped flowing. Water from the waterfall is the main spring for people to live and work in agriculture. It is also one of  the famous tourist destinations in Tam Duong Lai Chau  that you should not miss.
Beautiful waterfall like a place in the future, hidden behind is a beautiful love story that sadly met many obstacles and thorns. Legend has it that: 
Once upon a time, for a long time no one remembered at any time, in a village of the Dao people at the foot of the waterfall, there was a beautiful Lan Lan, her beauty was like those of a forest orchid. She fell in love with a young man who played the flute in the village, both loved and wrapped tangerines like deer, deer in the forest together early in the evening. Both of them wrap tangerines together, thinking that it will last forever and be together forever.
But happiness did not last long when disaster struck. It is believed that in Dao village, there is a beautiful beautiful girl, so soon rumors spread, many of the boys have come and want to marry her. Including Create the richest region. Because of the honor of the rich and beautiful flowers, Lan's father received the gift and decided to marry his daughter. She heard the news then became sad, fasting. After learning her daughter fell in love with the poor flute player, her father was determined to find a way to divide.
To keep her faithful love and the vows between the two, Lo Lan left the village, she kept going, forever and then at the foot of the old waterfall - the place where the love story of two people started. She had descended into the swift stream to keep her vow. Upon hearing the news, the young man also ran to the waterfall to find her, heartbroken because he missed him, he also sank into the water to keep them together forever.
Tac Tac Love  has a profound meaning, it appears as picturesque, mysterious but also very poetic. Over time, the waterfall still retains its pristine features. When you come here, you will hardly forget both the scenery and the heartbreaking love story of that boy and girl. Who leaves but does not stop wondering and attachment to the dreamland in the mountains of Lai Chau forest!

Coming to Tam Duong, do not miss the journey to discover Tac Tinh waterfall

It is not wrong to compare this waterfall as a natural picture  "charming charming"  between northwestern mountains. Jade falls from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, with a height of more than 100 meters, the waterfall flows down vertically, thrust into the grinding stones to smooth over time. 

Tac Tinh Tam Duong Lai Chau Waterfall@lifewithoutseasons

Come here in each different season, you will admire the waterfall brings its own beauty. In the dry season, falls gently from the top of the mountain, indifferently into the small lake at the foot. The water in this season is clear, flowing smoothly. In contrast, in the rainy season, waterfall water is rumbling and wide in the sky. From a distance, I could hear the powerful roar.
On sunny days, under the waterfall there is always a beautiful 7-color rainbow that you absolutely should not miss the opportunity to admire. You will definitely be conquered by the beauty of this place!
To reach the waterfall, you have to go a long way with the stone steps to be able to go to the beautiful view of the waterfall. If you want to visit the lake at the foot of the waterfall, you can follow the trail from here to down. The lake at the foot of the waterfall is quite wide, you can visit and experience the waterfall bath here is also very interesting! Waterfall water flows into the lake and then merges into one with a cool stream flowing through each of the rocks toward the Tam Duong valley.
The love story at the foot of the waterfall called Tac Tinh has become a legend passed down from one life to another and become an attractive tourist destination for tourists from all directions. Now, coming to Tam Duong, not only  Tien Son caveTac Tinh waterfall  will also be an attractive stop. 
Come to Tac Tinh to listen to the sounds of the mountains, the waterfall, the love songs of the ethnic minorities here, you will love the land of immense and majestic land. What are you waiting for without coming to Lai Chau to listen to the old legend recounted, listen to the love of the mountains, echoes forever.

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