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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea

Your traveling trip will be a lot of fun when visiting the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea. This is the most expected destination in this October. By the festival at Anseong Farmland there will be a lot of activities are expected at this time.
It is one of the largest and most beautiful farms in Korea. This place is just behind Jeju. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Korea in October, you should go to Anseong area to explore. Certainly, this place will bring you a lot of interesting things 

1. Discover the beauty of the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea

When you arrive at Anseong Farm, the first thing that surprises you is that this place is too large. The natural scenery is very peaceful and quiet. It is hard to find a place with beautiful and romantic natural scenery like in Anseong village. 
Cosmos Farm has many ideal places to visit. However, the most attractive point here is the image of the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea . This is a rose area with a huge area in this land of kimchi. Therefore, if you love pink grass, do not miss the opportunity to visit this Korean tourist destination in October. 
This rosy grass is also known as Muhly. It usually turns pink in early October. In Korea, there are many places where the grass is grown. However, the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea is the place that leaves the most impression to visitors. 
The amount of tourists flock here when the rose color is very crowded. Because in addition to watching rose, October is also the tourist season in Korea. Therefore, this time is often chosen by many people when planning to explore this beautiful country.
Most of the people who come here are usually hunters or photography enthusiasts. Because the vast space here when covered by the pale pink of this grass looks very beautiful and attractive. The romantic beauty when the sunlight shines on will make this place even more fanciful and glamorous.
However, when you come to the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea to visit, you should pay attention to choose a sunny time to go. Because the grass has a light pink color then looks gentle and floating like clouds, so taking pictures will be very beautiful. You should go at 9-9am because at this time the sun is not too strong, so the photo will not be glare and reverse sunlight. If you come to this pink grass hill in the afternoon, you should arrive after 16:00. At this time, the sunset comes down, so the natural scenery here is also very attractive. 
Pink grass hill in Anseong Korea has a special feature that when photographed in the cloudy weather, the grass is darker. Pale pink will turn almost identical to purple pink. Therefore, depending on the angle and time of shooting, you will get pictures of different pink grass colors.
If you have never been here to explore, you will love to come here right after admiring the beautiful photos that people who have come here to share. Certainly, you will stand still because the natural scenery here is so beautiful. You will want to come here right in this October time. The fall of Korea will become more and more 

2. About the pink grass hill festival in Anseong Korea

October is an ideal time for you to make your Korean trip. By this time in Korea, there are many famous festivals. In particular, the festival at Anseong Farmland is the most anticipated Korean festival. Here, you will see a lot of beautiful flowers. The most special is the rose grass hill in Anseong Korea . This is the check-in place that many young people love.
On every occasion of pink grass bloom, this place is crowded with domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Everyone who comes here will feel interested. Because in addition to the pink grass hill, the Korean festival takes place in Anseong village and there are many interesting activities waiting for you ahead. 
The name of this festival is the cosmos flower festival Anseong. This is one of the largest Korean cosmos flower festivals today. The time for the pink grass hill festival in Anseong Korea is around September and October.
The campus at Anseong Farmland is 1,287,000 square meters, so you will be delighted to explore here. Perhaps going to this farm will take you a lot of time. Therefore, depending on your preferences, you can choose the area you want to explore to check in to go. Young people often choose rose grass to take photos and explore. Because the pink grass hill in Anseong Korea is very beautiful. 
This Korean destination will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of a bustling metropolis. How will you feel the life close to nature interesting? By releasing your soul into a vast space and watching the beautiful, colorful nature will make your soul more refreshing and pleasant.
The exact time of cosmos festival is from September 21 to October 27. Coming here and then outside the cosmos field, you will be delighted to relax, check in at the beautiful Anseong Korean rose grass hill. This mulley pink grass hill is located right next to the cosmos field so when you come here you can take the time to explore more.
In addition, the campus of Anseong Farm also has mini zoos, refreshing cafes and restaurants. The next special feature when visiting this farm is that visitors will directly participate in the rural experience programs here. These are all very interesting and unique programs that you should not miss.
The fare to visit the farm and pink grass hill in Anseong Korea is 12,000 KRW / person. Children will be charged 10,000kRW. Other games and experiences will have a separate fee for each game. 

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