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Experience taking the Saigon River bus watching the whole city from the river

Experience taking the Saigon River bus watching the whole city from the river

Travel to Saigon many times, but have you ever experienced the water bus? If not, do not miss the opportunity to see a beautiful Saigon from an extremely strange and attractive perspective from the river.
Saigon, a magnificent city with hundreds of attractive tourist and entertainment destinations. Besides traveling around the streets watching and experiencing life, you have another option that is to admire this vibrant city from the river by taking the Saigon River bus.
Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City by Saigon River Bus is a great experience that attracts many young people because this is a way for you to see Saigon in a different angle, more peaceful and comfortable, not noisy, traffic jams or street dust. 


There is another real Saigon from the Saigon River bus!


About the river bus in Saigon 

The Saigon River Bus is a public transportation similar to a bus, but the means used here are boats and river cruises. The form of waterbus movement is quite popular in Europe, or Thailand, Dubai. 
The bus on the Saigon River was officially opened in mid-2017, and has become a hot form of transportation popular with residents and visitors because of its full facilities that can both move and admire, avoid.

Should experience traveling on Saigon River at what time? 

Coming to Saigon you can experience river bus ride any day of the week. On the weekends, the number of trips will be higher than that of ordinary people due to the large number of people traveling, on weekdays there are fewer trips but the number of people is also less. Therefore, if possible you should choose to go on weekdays to be able to comfortably see Saigon on the river without having to suffer from the crowded scene. 

Experience taking the Saigon River busOn the weekends, river buses are often crowded. Photo: @ thien.annn
If you must go on weekends, remember to buy tickets to Saigon waterbus early to avoid running out of tickets. In addition, you should choose the time to experience the Saigon River bus as an early morning for cool or evening to admire the romantic city at night. If you go in the afternoon or early afternoon it will be quite hot. 


Amenities on the Saigon River bus route 

The bus on the Saigon River is a ship painted in white gold that is quite eye-catching and modern. Inside the train is quite comfortable, clean and cool with 66 seats divided into 2 rows, 11 rows, each row has 3 seats.
To ensure safety when traveling on the river, every seat is equipped with a life jacket. Behind the train will have a row of seats for visitors to admire, take pictures when the train moves. Above the deck there is a modern and clean toilet, in the cabin there is always air conditioning so quite cool. 
The board has an electronic notification board for each dock's name upon arrival so it is convenient for visitors to track where they have moved. The front of the train is a separate cabin for the driver. On the Saigon River bus, there are 4 emergency exit doors including 2 doors on the front of the train and two doors on the back of the train. 


Route and operating hours of the Saigon River bus route 

Currently, the Saigon River bus terminal only operates about 5 stations, after completion there will be about 12 stations starting from Bach Dang and ending at Linh Dong station with a speed of 11km. Each day, on average, there will be about 6 flights departing from the first and the last terminal. 
Specifically, from Bach Dang wharf, the first flight departs at 8:30 am and the last departs at 18:20 pm. In the opposite direction, at Linh Dong wharf, the first departure time is 7:10 minutes and the last departure time is 18:15. Time to travel through the terminals is operating both the way back and forth, it will take a total time of 1.5h to 2h. 

Quick guide to Saigon River bus

Firstly, you will come to Bach Dang wharf, there is a motorbike parking service so you can safely send before experiencing the bus ride on the river. Then, if you have not purchased a ticket, please contact the ticket counter to buy and wait until the train time. Bach Dang Wharf is the largest in the system of bus terminals on the Saigon River, so its facilities are quite modern. Especially to entertain guests while waiting for the train to go, people have invested in a cute cafe on the dock site. 
Visiting a pretty cafe with outstanding white chairs on the grass and ordering a drink, then sitting to rest and admire the whole wharf is also a great experience. Especially, right on Bach Dang wharf there are many places for you to freely "chill" to take virtual photos so you do not miss them. 
When it is time for the train to run, you give the ticket and start boarding, choose a seat, Because the inside of the train has air conditioning, so be careful not to open the window. After the train runs, you can go to the back of the train to enjoy sightseeing, taking photos or sightseeing from the train compartment. 

Great experience in the journey to discover Saigon by river bus 

On the Saigon River bus you will have the opportunity to see the most prosperous city in Vietnam in a very different perspective, both impressive and strange. On the train route, you will go through famous bridges such as Saigon Bridge, Thu Thiem Bridge and admire the great architectural works of the city named Uncle Ho such as Landmark 81 building , the urban area. Vinhomes Central Park and the magnificent commercial buildings.
In particular, the section going through Vinhome Central Park in the scenery of Saigon is like a miniature Hong Kong which is both vibrant and bustling. At the stop is Thanh Da wharf, you can also stop to take photos because the scenery here is also very beautiful. 
Looking at Saigon from the river, you will be surprised because looking from the Saigon River is not too noisy, cramped, but instead is the image of a modern, flashy but also extremely cute city. You will see the great development of the city, Saigon is still changing skin day by day, of international stature. 
Breathing fresh air and enjoying the cool breeze on the deck, is also a great experience to help your soul relax. 

Tips when experiencing the Saigon River bus 

First you should go early, especially on weekends to buy the ticket you want, because sometimes tickets will run out early or run out of tickets in some stages, your journey of experience will not be complete. 
If you do not have time, you can experience short routes such as from Bach Dang wharf (district 1) to Ben Thanh Da (Binh Thanh district) from Bach Dang wharf to Binh An wharf (district 2) . In front of the ticket office, there is a large board that maps the train's routes so please take a closer look and choose the appropriate route. You should read the regulations printed on the notice board of the train and follow them for safety. 
Experience the Saigon River bus journey , make sure you will enjoy the unexpected fun and especially have the opportunity to admire the magnificent Saigon in a different perspective. If you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon, do not miss this interesting experience. 

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