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Discover the traditional beauty of the Korean village of Hahoe Andong

Discover the traditional beauty of the Korean village of Hahoe Andong

To learn about traditional Korean culture, visit the Korean village of Hahoe Andong. This is a place that preserves a lot of cultural beauty from generations of Koreans. Therefore, many tourists often choose this tourist destination to visit when the opportunity to visit this land of Kim Chi explores.
At present, very few places in Korea retain intact traditions, cultures and Hahoe Andong village is one of them. It helps preserve the cultural beauty of Confucianism.

1. Learn about the Korean village of Hahoe Andong

This village is located in the city of Andong in Gyeonggi-do Province. For a long time, this place has always been considered a Korean tourist destination that is loved by many domestic and foreign tourists. Because when you come here, you will feel the peace and tranquility of the natural scenery here. Especially learning about the ancient cultural values ​​of Koreans. This is also the reason why many people often choose Hahoe village to come.
Images of old houses hidden behind the mountain range are so peaceful. It is this mountain that is the screen that creates the separation and difference of this village.
This place is famous for its many thatched roofs. Unlike other villages, Korean Hahoe Andong Village is home to many traditional cultural values ​​of the people here.
Everything here has a style of ancient Joseon. To this day, this place has been preserved and preserved. The most special to mention is that the ancient books are very valuable here. In addition, the cultural lifestyle in this village is also something that makes visitors love and want to learn.

Discover the traditional beauty of the Korean village of Hahoe AndongMany young people have chosen this village as their Korean tourist destination (Image: @lbestchiuchiu)

This village is shaped like a lotus flower and it is located in a very beautiful position, so it seems that this place is completely separate from the outside world. This place is truly a worth living destination that many people desire. Especially those who love the peaceful life and want to stay away from the noise and hustle of the outside life.
Haboe is a village created by the Ryu Pungsan family. This family has lived many generations in this village. Through generations of residence, this place has become the village of the Ryu clan. Confucianism is the most important cultural feature here. Therefore, this village is the place that has preserved the traditional beauty of the Korean people. 
Customs and traditions such as keeping the tablets and on special days such as the death anniversary, the whole family gathers together to pay homage and gratitude are still preserved by the people here.


2. What is attractive about Hahoe Andong Village?

Anyone who comes here will feel this place is so relaxing and peaceful. This scene is not everywhere in Korea, you can feel it. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to come to Korea, you should take time to visit the village of Hahoe Andong to feel the unique characteristics of this place.
The origin of this village was created by the Ryu people. This is also the home of many famous Confucian scholars of this land of Kimchi. The name of this village is derived from the image of the Nakdong River lying winding. The word Hahoe means domestic village.
Visitors coming here will be able to participate in a lot of other interesting experiences such as trying out the famous Andong wine called Soju or enjoying delicious Jjimdak. Or simply that you can enjoy simple foods like noodles is enough to feel warm. 
How interesting is the feeling of wandering on winding village roads? In addition, many people choose to take the bus to visit a restaurant near the Hahoe area to eat.
To visit this traditional village, visitors will have to buy tickets to visit. The fare will be about 3,000 won. The money from this ticket will go towards preserving and preserving this village. Every year, the Korean government often supports the preservation of walls and roofs.

Impressive beauty of the design of Hahoe village 

In this old village, Chunghyodang is still preserved. Formerly this place was the residence of one of the most famous surname of the Ryu family. The previous owner was a Confucianist and worked in the court. After his death, this place was built to commemorate him. In addition, in Hahoe Andong village, there is another house named Yangjindang, also known as Duong foot road.
Tourists coming here can also visit a number of other monuments such as Ogyeonjeongsa, Jingbirok ... These are all places that mark the Ryu family. 
All the houses here are in very harmonious positions. Surrounded by natural scenes, the landscape is more attractive and magical. If you walk into the middle of the village, you will admire the elm tree that is 600 years old and especially the ancient Samsindang communal house. Everything adorns the ancient beauty of this place.
If you want to learn more about the culture of this village, come here on the full moon day of the first January of the year. At this time in Dong Hahoe village, South Korea took place Dongje ceremony. This is a ceremony to pray for peace for the village.
Therefore, if you want to learn more about the traditional beauty of this ancient village, please take the time to visit the above places.

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