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Conquering Indochina junction experience "a chicken crows three countries listen together"

Conquering Indochina junction experience "a chicken crows three countries listen together"

For backpackers across the country, conquering the Indochinese junction, once touching the Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia border landmark and experiencing the feeling of "a chicken with the three heads crowding together" is the item pepper can not miss.
The legendary Indochinese junction is the junction between 3 countries Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia. This junction has been in the unforgettable memory of many soldiers, young men who volunteered in the years of resistance against the US and today still attracts many tourists by the interesting story of a cock crow 3 countries can hear. 

Should conquer Indochina junction time?

Located in an area of ​​the climate between tropical monsoon and highland climate, Kon Tum has two distinct seasons including the rainy and dry seasons. Many people choose to  conquer the Indochina junction  between October and November of the lunar calendar when Kon Tum's upland fields enter the harvest season. Or if you come in December you have the opportunity to admire the hillside wild flowers blooming brightly yellow, rubber forest in deciduous season in January ... Should see the weather forecast closely for a favorable trip.

Experience of staying on a journey to conquer a landmark

For the most convenient to visit, you should rent a room in Kon Tum City, at the roads:  Phan Dinh Phung, Truong Chinh, Duy Tan, Nguyen Trai ... The  price of a comfortable room is from 200,000 VND - 300,000 VND / night.

What to eat at Indochina junction?

On the journey to touch the border of Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia border, do not forget to enjoy  the  famous Kon Tum specialties such as:
- Sour fish: a  dish of the Jieng-Trieng, the raw material is a fish from a stream in the Central Highlands rivers and streams bringing sour salt and many special materials of the mountains. 
- Kon Tum Leaf Salad:  A combination of 40 kinds of forest leaves, sliced ​​boiled pork, shrimp and sauces made from fermented sticky rice, dry onions, batches, and satay. Roll vegetables with shrimp, meat and then dip in the dipping sauce to feel the rich, irresistible flavor.
- Sticky bamboo shoots:  The ingredients of the dish include aromatic sticky rice and fresh bamboo shoots picked from the forest. When eating, the crispy texture of the bamboo shoots together with the sticky taste of sticky rice is extremely special.
- Grilled beef with bamboo tube:  Young beef marinated with special spices and grilled in fresh bamboo tubes, wrapped with forest vegetables to feel the soft sweet flavor and smells of nose.

Instructions for moving

Stage 1: Go to Kon Tum

Kon Tum province does not have an airport, from Hanoi / Da Nang / Ho Chi Minh if using aviation you need transit in Pleiku (Vietnam Airlines, Jestar, Air Mekong airlines all operate this route). Then come to Kon Tum by bus for about 30,000 VND - 35,000 VND or rent a taxi on the 50km road.

Stage 2: At Kontum

In order to visit Kon Tum or the surrounding area, you can choose to rent a motorbike, car or taxi, first contact your hotel to ask for the most reasonable car rental price. Motorcycle rental service here is not popular, the rental price is about 120,000 - 150,000 VND / day, gasoline spilled.
To  conquer the Indochinese junction , from Kom Tum city, take National Road 14E to the northwest and the road to Bo Y border gate, where there are border markers between Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia. You then present the paperwork for permission of the border guards at the checkpoint, following the path of more than 10km around the hill to the foot of the landmark. Parking the car below, you just need to climb a few steps to be able to admire the 3-sided landmark - one of the important markers in our country's borders.

Indochinese junction - where a chicken crows three countries listening

Road to the Indochinese junction is not too difficult to go, just driving visitors are also satisfied to look at the beautiful hills. Then climb the stairs to reach the sacred image of the homeland border.
Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia landmark is made of marble, located at a height of 1,086 m above sea level. The 2m high cylinder is a triangular cylinder, weighing nearly 900kg which is one of the two border markers to register the three countries. The three sides of the legendary landmark each turn to the territory of each country with a solemn national emblem.
Conquering this peak, touching  the national border milestones , singing the National Anthem; Guests can also see the entire region of the Indochinese junction is rich and lush. 
In addition to the Indochinese junction attraction, do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous historical and famous destinations of Kon Tum province such as the over 100-year-old wooden church, Kon Klor suspension bridge,  Mang Den eco-tourism area. ...

Conquering Indochina Crossroads Experiencing 'A Three-Crested Chicken Together'Kon Tum wooden church

Things to note in the trip conquering Indochina fork

- In the process of moving, pay attention to the right speed, just to ensure your safety and avoid the traffic police firing speed; especially on the way from Kon Tum to Dak To and Ngoc Hoi.
- Road signs in this Central Highlands region are not clear and easy to cause confusion; The best way to find a place of interest is to ask locals. In addition, the road is also quite bad, be careful when it rains. Even in the section from the border gate of Y to Kontum in the evening without lights, so slow down, when renting a motorbike, you should carefully check the lights and the car.
- Bring your ID card or passport, ID card to ask the border guards to go to the milestone.
- Absolutely not allowed to sit on the landmark and not litter indiscriminately in the journey.
Above is  the  full and detailed experience of conquering the Indochinese junction (Kon Tum) . Do not forget to pocket the information above for a successful, convenient trip!

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