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Bongeunsa Temple Korea - famous spiritual tourist destination of Kimchi land

Bongeunsa Temple Korea - famous spiritual tourist destination of Kimchi land

Referring to the famous Korean pilgrimage destination, people often mention Korean Bongeunsa Temple immediately. This is a pilgrimage place that always brings tranquility and peace to visitors.
Especially, this temple is located right in the heart of Seoul, so this place is really an ideal destination for you to visit and enjoy the scenery. 

1. Introduction to Korean Bongeunsa Temple

This temple is located in the southern part of the city of Seoul. From the city center to here will be very convenient. This temple is a place of great attraction for Buddhists at home and abroad. By coming here, besides pilgrimage, you can also admire the peaceful and attractive natural scenery of this place. 
Therefore, if you are a Buddhist lover, the Bongeunsa Temple will be an ideal choice for your journey to Buddha land. This place will bring you a peaceful atmosphere, quiet. If amidst the noisy, busy Seoul, you will be immersed in the tranquility and tranquility of this temple. The feeling of coming here is completely different. It leads you to a place completely separate from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. That is why Bongeunsa is always a sacred temple that many people choose to go to the pilgrimage and look at themselves.

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This temple has a long history with thousands of years of age. It was founded by the monk Yeon-hoe in the years 794 of King Joseong's time. According to historical records, Buddhism was not taken seriously during the time of King Joseong. Therefore, it was not until the Bongeunsa Temple was financed by the Joseong Empress to repair and renovate it that this place would change and develop to this day.
Owning ancient beauty, Korean Bongeunsa Temple always makes visitors feel loved. In addition, on important occasions, this temple also hosts a lot of important religious activities. Therefore, if you go right on the occasion of the religious programs of this place, you will learn a lot more about Korean religion and Buddhism.
It is because of these annual activities that the name Bongeunsa was born. This name symbolizes prayer for peace and well-being in life. Because of this, many people come here on a pilgrimage because they want to find peace in their souls, where people feel lightest and most peaceful.

2. Discover the special beauty of Bongeunsa Temple

Although located in the inner city, when you come here, you will feel completely different from the outside world. This temple is dotted with ancient and magnificent. In particular, this place also preserves a lot of traditional Korean cultural values. Therefore, visiting this ancient temple will be an opportunity to help you learn more about the culture of the land of Kimchi.
Bongeunsa Temple in Korea is a spiritual complex with many outstanding architectural works for you to explore. Here the buildings are very special. Everything is sculpted meticulously and subtly. Because of this, this place has become the largest Buddhist center of Korea. Many domestic and foreign tourists often choose this place to go to the pilgrimage and to find peace of mind.
On every occasion of the event, religious activities take place, this temple often welcomes a large number of visitors to the pilgrimage sometimes up to thousands of Buddhists. What makes visitors feel impressed from the first time they come here is the ancient and nostalgic appearance of this temple. It always brings tranquility and peace to those who visit.
When you step inside the temple, you will feel overwhelmed. Because the scenery is magnificent and magnificent. It contains rare dignity. It has both the modern beauty of Seoul and the old nostalgia. It is these impressive things that have created a very unique attraction for this Korean tourist destination . 
On the central hall is a large image of Maitreya Buddha. This statue has been designed and made from marble. In particular, the location of this statue is towards the capital of South Korea.
Besides, Bongeunsa Temple in Korea is also impressed by many other famous architectural works. Especially the statues sculpted in a delicate and unique way will make you feel attracted from the first time you meet. Everything from the scenery to the space of the temple are in harmony with each other. From the main temple area to other areas in the temple, there are also close associations in design.
In addition, when visiting this ancient temple, in addition to pilgrimage, pray for peace, visitors can also relax and relax at the temple grounds. Because Bongeunsa Temple has a lush garden and a fresh, pleasant atmosphere, this place is really an ideal resting place for your trip to Korea. Coming here will bring peace of mind and peace of mind for visitors to the pilgrimage. 

3. Participate in festivals at Bongeunsa Temple

If you take the initiative in traveling to Korea, please come to this beautiful country around April and May. This is the time of the Yeondeunghoe festival - one of the huge lantern festivals in Korea. . This festival takes place during the celebration of Buddha's Birthday. It can be said that this is a very special festival of Koreans. Therefore, if you come here to travel on the occasion of the lantern festival season, you will be able to participate in many interesting and meaningful experiences. Certainly, these will be memories that you will never forget when you have the opportunity to visit this peaceful land.
On the occasion of the festival, there are many performances and interesting performances to celebrate. Therefore, visiting Bongeunsa Temple in Korea , you will experience many unique folk games of the Korean people. In addition to the traditional Korean performances, this festival also features performances by foreign Buddhists. Therefore, this is really an ideal opportunity for you to learn about the unique cultural beauty of Koreans. Here the repertoire comes from Southeast Asia or Tibet, .. will contribute to the fun of this Buddha's birthday festival. 
Hopefully the suggestions mentioned above will help you have a pleasant and convenient trip to visit Bongeunsa Temple in Korea .

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